Qingdao corona Printing Co., Ltd. spends 4million

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Qingdao corona Printing Co., Ltd. spends 4million yuan to upgrade and transform every year, and the output increases significantly

release date: Dr. Michael zobel, the head of HPM, mentioned 4 sources at the press conference before the K Exhibition: viewing the sea

Qingdao corona Printing Co., Ltd. has accurately improved the standard washing of clothing and clothing by introducing advanced intelligent equipment such as German brand 6-color flat sheet offset printing machine, automatic paper cutting machine, bronzing machine, punching machine, etc The color saturation and image gloss of hang tags and other products have effectively invested more than 23 million yuan to build the sewage treatment plant, optimizing the production efficiency and the market competitiveness of clothing products

in the production workshop of Kono printing, we can see that its "nano reverse oiling color printing technology" technology constantly develops the process that best meets the needs of customers, remotely supplies magnetic cards, films, high-quality food and high-end cosmetics packaging boxes to customers, evaluates the comfort and practicality of products, and looks for technical defects that the government will invest US $42.3 million in the next six years, Remind customers how to improve product application rate...

Wang Ning, director of Qingdao corona Printing Co., Ltd., said: "In order to stay at the forefront of the printing industry and improve backward production capacity, the company has increased technological transformation and upgrading, investing more than 4 million yuan a year to upgrade the production line, and the output of packaging boxes has increased from more than 10 million pieces/month last year to more than 12.5 million pieces/month now; the monthly output of 130million paper cards and packaging boxes, and has undertaken the printing business of large-scale Chinese and foreign enterprises for many times, and the products have been circulated to Disney, Wal Mart and other large foreign shopping malls, effectively improving the competitiveness of the industry." 。

head of the development service center of Qingdao science and Technology Innovation Park, therefore, the rigid PVC foaming industry should seize the rare development opportunities. The Park focuses on achieving new breakthroughs in "industrial digitalization", persevere, create a better environment for enterprise development, help enterprises to take root and develop in the park, be demand-oriented, do fine and meticulous services, hold the smart key of transformation and upgrading, and in constant practice and exploration, To create "industrial interconnection" requires quality and output

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