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Qingyun qingcloud launched the express easy access version to help enterprises go to the cloud in one step

in order to create a better infrastructure, make the business have faster response ability, obtain better automatic management ability, and reduce the investment at the same time, more and more large and medium-sized enterprises are transforming from traditional data centers to software defined cloud data centers

however, for most small and medium-sized enterprises, the size, technical and financial strength of the IT team is limited, and there will be a lot of confusion in the transformation process. Will there be any risks in the transformation to cloud computing? How to take the first step? How to ensure the value of investment

as shown in the above figure, an out of the box, convenient and highly automated cloud platform, as well as one-stop system construction, delivery, use and operation and maintenance services, have become particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises

what is "Qingyun qingcloud express"

Qingyun qingcloud express is an easy version of Qingyun qingcloud IAAs platform. Combined with qingcloud super integrated machine, it is compatible with traditional IT architecture to the greatest extent, and provides a one-stop easy cloud platform to help enterprises easily obtain application development and system operation and maintenance capabilities in cloud computing environment

product features

Qingyun qingcloud express super integrated machine with software and hardware can be used out of the box through simple configuration; The self-service operation interface is simple and friendly, which effectively reduces the learning cost; Realize automatic operation and maintenance through P2P intelligent scheduling system, reducing operation and maintenance work by 90%

provide complete core functions of cloud computing, covering computing (virtual host and container host), storage of sds2.0 architecture, network of sdn2.0 architecture and unified management portal, and provide security means such as high availability, network isolation and firewall on the architecture

Qingyun qingcloud express super integrated machine provides horizontally expanded computing and storage, which can be smoothly upgraded to Qingyun qingcloud Enterprise Edition according to the business development needs of enterprises; Qingyun qingcloud express can integrate heterogeneous platforms and connect with desktop cloud

product specification

Qingyun qingcloud express super integrated machine adopts highly available distributed clusters, and the minimum environment supports 4 nodes for deployment. It is recommended to use 6 nodes for deployment. Qingyun qingcloud sds2.0 and sdn2.0 environments are pre installed to provide an environment for elastic expansion and out of the box cloud computing, such as aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon fiber and other composite materials

hardware configuration of Qingyun qingcloud express super integrated machine with three specifications

Product highlights of Qingyun qingcloud express

complete cloud computing core function modules

include Qingyun qingcloud cloud cloud computing core function modules, including host, hard disk, image, backup, virtual firewall, monitoring alarm and other functions. The second response of resources, excellent virtual block storage, container host, full flash memory and sds2.0 architecture have greatly improved the performance. Its functions and components have been verified by public cloud users for a long time and on a large scale, which can provide enterprises with an overall solution for seamless migration to public cloud or hybrid cloud

high performance container deployment scheme

Qingyun qingcloud express supports virtual host (VM) and container host (CM) at the same time through SDS 2.0 architecture, and container instance deployment such as docker based on cm can obtain extremely high read-write and network performance support

integrate heterogeneous platforms and connect with desktop cloud

Qingyun qingcloud is both an opportunity and a challenge for the chemical industry. Express helps enterprises make full use of existing IT resources, provides the integration of heterogeneous platforms (such as VMware), and supports the rapid transformation of existing virtual resource infrastructure into scalable private cloud services. At the same time, Qingyun qingcloud express supports integrated cloud desktop virtualization, and the distributed block storage system provides high-performance i/o. Through Qingyun qingcloud host second startup technology, it can effectively solve the bottleneck of startup storm and reduce startup delay

automated installation and operation and maintenance

through the graphical installation tool Qingyun qingcloud installer, Qingyun qingcloud express can realize one click installation from the bare physical environment, which is convenient for subsequent capacity expansion and function upgrading, and can also be smoothly upgraded to qingcloud Enterprise Edition (with complete Qingyun qingcloud platform capabilities). For the failure of physical nodes, Qingyun qingcloud express realizes the automatic operation and maintenance of robots, and truly realizes the planned migration without downtime

compatible with X86 devices, no hardware binding

users can choose the solution of integrating software and hardware, that is, they can buy Qingyun qingcloud express super integrated machine, or they can purchase pure software and deploy it on their own x86 servers. There is no need for special hardware to connect to the traditional IT architecture, and they can directly connect to the network switch, reducing the purchase cost by 50%

ensure the global high availability of the system

Qingyun qingcloud express adopts an intelligent resource scheduling platform at the bottom. Through an intelligent online analysis system, the algorithm is continuously optimized according to the running historical data to ensure the optimization of resource scheduling and achieve global load balancing. The equal community trust value mechanism can automatically find exceptions quickly according to the score of nodes. Combined with the flexible distributed replica technology of virtual resources, it can realize rapid switching, and has the ability of global self-healing, forming a 7-24-hour uninterrupted service system

typical application scenario of Qingyun qingcloud express

scenario 1: container application platform

with the complexity of business systems, the requirements for development and testing are increasing, and developers and testers need to quickly obtain resources, but the general virtualization platform, as the operating environment of docker, cannot meet the performance

using the sds2.0 and sdn2.0 technologies of Qingyun qingcloud express, the virtualization system and container system are supported by unified network and storage, and the two achieve seamless interoperability and resource sharing. The container host provided by Qingyun qingcloud express is used as the development and testing platform of docker. The container host greatly improves the performance of virtual machine. The detection parameters of electronic universal experimental machine are relatively high, providing docker applications with the performance similar to that of physical machine

scenario 2: Branch cloud platform

branches of large enterprises are all over the country, with complex multi cloud deployment architecture and high management difficulty. It is difficult to integrate the existing virtualization platforms of branches into management

based on Qingyun qingcloud express and qingcloud super integrated machine, it can realize rapid installation and deployment, and solve the management problems of existing virtualization platforms (such as VMware) through the management function of heterogeneous platforms. If the group headquarters has adopted the enterprise version of qingcloud, when the branches deploy qingcloud express, it can be directly installed as a sub domain to realize the unified management of the cloud platform between the headquarters and branches, fully meet the needs of data sharing and stability, and effectively reduce the system maintenance cost

scenario 3: desktop cloud system

building a virtual desktop system on the traditional IT architecture requires major transformation of the infrastructure and high initial investment; The virtual desktop starts slowly and the network delay is large, which affects the user experience

the desktop cloud system based on Qingyun qingcloud express, a cloud platform with excellent performance deployed at a low cost, benefits from the second startup of qingcloud host and the i/o performance advantage of linear growth, which can realize the flexible expansion of desktop on demand, reduce the delay and sales caused by network access, and greatly improve the overall performance of the system

scenario 4: automatic disaster recovery

virtualization has become the mainstream of data centers in the future. In order to ensure enterprise data security and business continuity, more and more enterprises require it systems to have disaster recovery capabilities

qingcloud express and Qi and knowledge about material properties. Ngcloud super integrated machine adopts distributed cluster design, and users can set flexible backup strategies according to actual business needs. When the physical node is overloaded or fails, the business can smoothly switch to the physical node with normal load, realize planned migration and zero downtime, and ensure the high availability of the system and business continuity. The disaster recovery process is automatically executed by the system without human intervention

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