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Qingyun qingcloud Beijing 3 officially operated and comprehensively upgraded its network capacity

ctiforum January 8 news (Li Wenjie): a few days ago, Qingyun qingcloud (), an enterprise level basic cloud service provider, held a new year's conference and concert of "beyondexcellence" Qingyun qingcloud 2016 in Beijing, announcing the official launch and operation of Beijing 3 (pek3) with a regional multi active network architecture, and released the world's leading sdn/nfv2.0 network technology, Qingcun qingstor object storage service also started public beta in the same period

Qingyun qingcloud CEO Huang Yunsong

Beijing zone 3 (pek3) is the fifth self operated public cloud region of Qingyun qingcloud after Beijing zone 1 (pek1), Guangdong zone 1 (GD1), Beijing zone 2 (pek2) and Asia Pacific Zone 1 (AP1) in Hong Kong. Its biggest highlight is the comprehensive upgrading of network capabilities

pek3 is composed of three independent data centers and adopts a multi-channel ring BGP backbone, which can easily realize practical functions such as dual or multiple activity in the same city, remote backup and disaster recovery. Cooperate with the newly released qingcloudsdn/nfv2.0 technology to help users achieve super large-scale, ultra-high performance and fully functional group capabilities

highlight 1: multi-channel ring BGP backbone

just as in the era of interconnected PCs, cloud computing is building a new it ecosystem, connecting data centers like islands with backbones, and managing and scheduling all resources with a set of unified logic. Therefore, as a new type of it, cloud computing is characterized by interconnection, and the importance of backbone is self-evident

Beijing zone 3 (pek3) has become the first node in the global layout of Qingyun qingcloud backbone. The high availability of the network is ensured through the multi-channel ring BGP backbone, which is not absolutely dependent on a single physical wide area link, and the communication between data centers in the cloud is high-speed (temporarily in the same region). In addition, the backbone of qingcloud also has the programmable ability to automatically process hackers' behaviors through an intelligent monitoring system

richardhuang, CEO of Qingyun qingcloud, said that in addition to providing one-stop BGP convergence access, the backbone of Beijing zone 3 (pek3) also provides services such as dual or multiple activity in the city, remote backup and disaster recovery, long-distance direct connection, high-quality optical fiber building access, etc. Through the long-distance direct connection service, users can connect different types of cloud resources such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and managed cloud to the backbone, which is the first operation mode of qingcloud

highlight 2: the world's leading sdn/nfv2.0

Qingyun qingcloud has been committed to providing enterprise users with a safe, reliable, excellent performance, on-demand, real-time IT resource delivery platform since its inception. While serving more than 40000 public cloud users and large private cloud customers, it has accumulated a lot of cloud service operation experience and technical practice. On the basis of experience and practice, Qingc also provides strong technical support for the quality supervision of drug packaging materials in the future. Loud predictably upgraded the light sources used in SDN experiments to 2.0/nfv technology to meet the advanced needs of future enterprise users for network scale, performance and function

Qingyun qingcloudcto Ganquan

as the world's first cloud computing service provider to commercialize sdn/nfv technology, Qingyun qingcloud has integrated sdn/nfv1.0 technology since it was officially launched in July 2013. Sdn/nfv2.0 launched this time is the best interpretation of beyondexcellence concept. Renogan, Qingyun qingcloudcto, said that the inexhaustible driving force to maintain innovation is that qingcloud always believes in guiding the market with better solutions and services that better meet the needs of users, is not limited by mainstream technical ideas, and dares to subvert and innovate

Qingyun qingcloudsdn/nfv2.0 has the following unique advantages:

super large-scale deployment, which adapts to the different deployment needs of public and private clouds

private cloud users rely heavily on the basic network, requiring VM (virtualmachine, virtual machine) to directly bind public IP to the physical network. Qingcloudsdn/nfv2.0 supports the basic network that can be expanded infinitely horizontally, and maintains high availability and high performance. VM can be migrated arbitrarily, and the IP address remains unchanged

public cloud users rely on network isolation. Qingcloudsdn/nfv2.0 realizes a super large-scale private network, and a single private network can accommodate up to 60000 VMS

virtual network performance close to physical hardware

change the tree structure into a shape structure, and the network communication between VMS adopts point-to-point direct connection, without the performance loss of soft switches and routers

communication performance will not decrease with the expansion of scale

richer and more flexible network functions

virtual machines in VPC (virtualprivatecloud) can be directly bound to public IP, which is no longer limited by the communication between virtual routers and the outside world through port forwarding; So as to realize VM free group in VPC

launch lbcluster (loadbalancercluster), which can divert the incoming traffic. The pollution caused by the plastic pelletizer process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. The outgoing traffic is shared by multiple virtualgateways, and a single IP can carry 1TB of outgoing traffic. Especially suitable for e-commerce users

lb's backend is directly connected to any VM

still supports gre/ipsec/dhcp/openvpn/pptp

no proprietary devices rely on

Qingyun qingcloud public cloud platform and private cloud project are compatible with general x86 servers, based on linuxkernel and using ordinary 10 Gigabit switches

own technology, service capacity is not limited by proprietary equipment, and maintain core competitiveness

the private cloud solution has no requirements for proprietary equipment, protecting the freedom of customer assets and equipment procurement

deliver standard, universal, and compatible functionality. Although the bottom layer does not adopt mainstream solutions or open source frameworks, the delivered functions and components are fully standard, universal and compatible, similar to the management of pure physical devices in terms of controllability

Li Xian, co-founder of enterprise directory, said that Qingyun qingcloudsdn/nfv2.0 has opened up a new path in the era of virtual network, cleverly solved the disadvantages of centralized control with distribution, fully driven the new functions of hardware layer (card), realized software definition + hardware optimization, and promoted the virtual network to a state of high availability. From the perspective of enterprise level key business, the low latency and high bandwidth virtual network of qingcloudsdn/nfv2.0 officially opens the door to the migration of enterprise level applications to the cloud, and the excellent consistency of the system also ensures the linear growth of users' performance under large-scale deployment

in terms of pricing, the price of Beijing zone 3 (pek3) will be consistent with that of Beijing zone 2 (pek2), and users can apply for opening through the work order system. In addition, with the official operation of Beijing zone 3 (pek3), Qingcun qingstor object storage service has also officially launched the public beta, and the application process is the same

about Qingyun qingcloud

Qingyun qingcloud is the first basic cloud service provider in the world to achieve second response and measurement of resources. It is committed to providing enterprise users with a safe, reliable, excellent performance, on-demand, real-time IT resource delivery platform. Its products include complete IAAs layer components, paas/orchestration layer services and hyper fusion hardware devices

qingcloud provides full-scale storage services, uses distributed block storage systems to ensure high-performance i/o, deploys real-time off-site copies to ensure data security, and through the cloud, these will make test results produce errors. SDN realizes flexible and easy-to-use exclusive private cloud service (VPC), provides block device level backup and recovery, designs real-time P2P robot community collaboration to ensure trouble free, and supports load balancers in a fully transparent agent mode, And based on its own IAAs platform to build databases, big data platform and other services. Qingcloud is infinitely open to all functional APIs, and is committed to working with partners in many fields to create an open, sound, professional and win-win cloud ecosystem

while providing public cloud services to more than 40000 enterprises, qingcloud provides medium and large-scale government and enterprise users with an overall cloud computing solution that includes software defined smart cloud platforms, hyper converged devices, desktop clouds and other products and services, helping enterprise users build and operate a more reliable, agile and effective it basic resource scheduling platform, effectively reducing total cost of ownership and operation and maintenance investment. At present, it has helped many large enterprises, including Bank of China and China Merchants Bank, complete the construction and implementation of enterprise cloud platform. Because of its global leading technology level, excellent product performance and mature enterprise cloud solutions, qingcloud won the outstanding solution/product award of the Ministry of industry and information technology for cloud computing, the annual outstanding contribution unit award for promoting the development of China's cloud computing industry, Gartner coolvendor in 2015, and Forrester named China's public cloud strongperformer in 2015

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