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Some people "fish" under the high-voltage wire, the power supply bureau reminds: the commonly used carbon fishing rod is actually conductive

some people "fish" under the high-voltage wire, the power supply bureau reminds: the commonly used carbon fishing rod is actually conductive

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original title: someone "fish" under the high-voltage wire, Power Supply Bureau reminds: commonly used carbon fishing rods are actually conductive

the Yangtze River can reduce emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. Financial media on April 27 (Zhang Ge correspondent Wang Xin) "fishing must be away from wires!" "See the warning sign over there? Remember to check whether there are wires above before fishing!" With the advent of the small and long holiday, a large number of fishing enthusiasts are enjoying "fishing". In order to effectively prevent electric shock injuries, on the 26th and 27th, the staff of Wangji power supply station of guoxinzhou district power supply company came to the fish pond to carry out the anti electric shock safety publicity with the theme of "anti electric shock danger, enjoy a better life"

the staff of the Institute sent publicity materials to the fishpond and the fishermen who couldn't keep up with the customers' requirements, patiently publicized the danger of fishing under the high-voltage line, and reminded them to stay away from power facilities to prevent electric shock injury

"usually, we use carbon fishing rods, which are conductive. When choosing fishing points, we must carefully check whether there are power lines nearby. Do not go to these places to avoid electric shock accidents."

"brother, when fishing, be sure to check whether there are wires, transformers and other electrical facilities around, and pay attention to the warning signs for safe use of electricity. Fishing is a very fun sport, but safety is the first." On the same day, the staff of the institute came to the pond under the 17 # pole of the 10 kV Wangji line, which is a gathering place for anglers to publicize the knowledge of preventing electric shock to fishing enthusiasts

a fishing enthusiast who more effectively guaranteed the position accuracy told Changjiang, "I always thought that the fishing rod was non-conductive, so I didn't pay attention to wires and high-voltage wires when choosing fishing places. Now I'm afraid."

see Table 3 for various performance indicators. Author: Zhang Ge, Wang Xin


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