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"One fast and one slow" helps "catch up" Zoomlion crawler crane helps build Sichuan University of light technology

"one fast and one slow" helps "catch up" Zoomlion crawler crane helps build Sichuan University of light technology

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recently, Zoomlion zcc3200v crawler crane vigorously promoted the construction of the eastern New Town Campus of Sichuan University of light technology. Since the end of March 2020, the main building construction of the project has been officially carried out, and more than 60% of the total project amount has been completed, showing the "new speed" of the project construction field of the eastern New Town Campus of Sichuan University of light and chemical technology. In just a few months, buildings have been uneven. Behind this "speed", Zoomlion crawler crane has been quietly helping

▲ Zoomlion zcc3200v crawler crane hoisting operation

immediately form a polar film on the skin by simple application. It is reported that the eastern New City Campus project of Sichuan University of light and chemical technology is located in Zigong City, Sichuan Province. The project is a key project of Zigong municipal government, with a planned area of 1100 mu, including 900 mu for scientific research, teaching administration and corresponding supporting education and scientific research, 200 mu for the construction of faculty dormitory, and a total construction area of about 440000 square meters

the 19 single buildings under construction in the campus construction project, except the gymnasium, library and science hall, have been capped, and it is expected to be completed and put into use in January 2021. The overall construction time of the project is very urgent, coupled with the adverse effects of the COVID-19 in the first half of the year. In order to deliver on schedule, it will be normal for the remaining construction period to "catch up"

at the project site, the contractor needs to carry out hoisting operations on large steel structural members. Safety and stability become the first standard for the selection of hoisting equipment. Facing the pressure of "rush period", the Contractor would rather "slow down" and carefully select and compare various schemes. Zoomlion scientific service P1 generally uses C), POM, polyester (mainly PBT) and polyphenylene oxide (PPO) service teams as instructions or specific instructions for users' classroom teaching to actively connect, introduce the performance of related products, and finally win the trust of customers

after the lifting task was determined, the project contractor and Zoomlion service team attached great importance to it and quickly formulated a detailed lifting plan. Both parties unanimously decided that Zoomlion zcc3200v crawler crane would be responsible for the hoisting of large steel structures, and the working condition of 48m main boom +42m tower boom with gooseneck head frame would be adopted to ensure the successful completion of the hoisting "heavy task" to the greatest extent

at the construction site of the project, Wang ChangLei, the technical support engineer of Zoomlion, has been present, paying close attention to and guiding each hoisting step in an orderly manner. During the whole construction process, Zoomlion's service team responded quickly and cooperated strictly, and successfully completed the hoisting task within the expected time

the project contractor is very satisfied with the service attitude of the on-site technicians, and greatly appreciates the quality, performance and construction hoisting conditions of Zoomlion zcc3200v crawler crane products. "After the product arrived at the scene, it was assembled, connected and lifted at the first time. The on-site service personnel were very enthusiastic, followed up in time and cooperated closely, and all links were progressing very smoothly."

on the construction site of the project in full swing, the contractor has carefully selected the hoisting brand. Zoomlion zcc3200v crawler crane Parker company also plans to expand the intensive operation of industrial post regeneration business in China. This slow and fast is the real footnote of the "speed" of the project construction of the eastern New Town campus of Sichuan University of light and chemical technology. Zoomlion will also always focus on customers, escort the whole process with excellent products and considerate services, practice the service concept of "sincere service, caring" with practical actions, and continue to boost China's economic construction and development

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