The hottest one is to hand over the big order agai

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Pay the big order again! After trying Lovol fl960h loader, boss Jin said "it's it"

and then hand in the big order! After trying Lovol fl960h loader, boss Jin said "it's it"

Chinese engineering machine, so the heat distribution of the screw is still uniform mechanical information

machine handover ceremony

on May 14, Lovol's old customer, general Manager Jin, added four fl960h loaders for Hangzhou Qingshan Lake Dredging Project, and the machine handover ceremony was held ceremoniously. In addition to the original Lovol other models, the total number of Lovol loaders purchased by customers is more than 15

prototype transportation

it is reported that the Lovol fl960h loader purchased this time will work together with the sand mining with an ordinary level tensile testing machine. The boat and the stone crusher: the sand mining boat will excavate the sand and stones from the bottom of the lake, the stone crusher will break the large stones, and the fl960h loader will load and load the crushed stones and sands. High efficiency, fast speed, flexible loading, deeply liked by customers

Mr. Jin, the customer, said: "Qingshan Lake Dredging is a project I personally like very much. The successful completion of the construction also means that we have contributed to our own urban construction and environmental protection. The reason why we choose Lovol fl960h loaders is that the cooperation of the previous 10 fl956h has given us full trust in this brand, with high operation efficiency and considerate service. We can't say it when we work; and the second reason is that we also have cost considerations The fl960h loader can achieve a small operation volume of 6 tons, which just meets our operation needs. It is more consistent with the coordinated operation of sand dredgers, and the product portfolio is better. After comprehensive consideration, we decided to choose Lovol, which can not only save us costs, but also bring us construction efficiency, but also achieve certain social benefits, which can be said to be "win with one stone"

construction site | Lovol loader

lake bottom dredging is a part of urban construction. It also gives people a clean and clear lake bottom, which can be 4-residual pressing depth h; It can effectively promote the civilized construction of the city to a better development. Let the people of Hangzhou live together under the same blue sky, white clouds, lakes and mountains, and strive for happiness

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