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Install first and then apply. Be careful that your photovoltaic power station can't get subsidies

recently, a friend left a message to the author saying that their photovoltaic power station is deceptive! What is it that you can't get the subsidy of 0.42 yuan/kWh given by the state when you install a power station in your home

anyone who encounters such an obvious "weight reduction" effect of non-metallic materials such as engineering plastics will be extremely unhappy. So is it true that there is no subsidy as this friend said, cheating

according to the problems of Youyou, the author analyzes it. First, determine whether the photovoltaic power station installed is an isolated system. It is known that it is not equipped with a battery and is not an isolated system; Then determine whether it has purchased equipment by itself and installed it by itself, which is not the case according to friends; Finally, determine whether there is the behavior of installing first and then applying. You said that such behavior does exist. In fact, this is the reason why users can't get subsidies

although photovoltaic power generation is a project vigorously promoted and supported by the state, with subsidies and different merger modes, if you do not apply according to the process and standardize the installation, you will not get subsidies. At this stage, the lack of subsidies in the rural market can be summarized into three aspects

first, install it privately, and then apply. This practice, in fact, has a little elasticity coefficient, that is, the elasticity Young's modulus, which is "uncooked rice cooked with mature rice". It is wrong to mistakenly think that once installed, you can get subsidies

second, there is no subsidy for the installation of photovoltaic system. Now, from the perspective of consolidation mode, the photovoltaic system is mainly divided into two modes: "self use, surplus electricity" and "full payment". For users, only the above two modes can they get photovoltaic subsidies. However, if users do not go through the consolidation procedures and choose the full self use mode, that is, to install off photovoltaic power stations, they will not be able to obtain national subsidies

the third aspect is that you can't get subsidies for purchasing equipment without qualification for installation. Those engaged in the installation of photovoltaic systems usually mention these two qualifications: decoration and electromechanical installation qualifications. If these two certificates are not available during the installation and construction process, even if the construction of this power station is completed, it cannot be. The notice on the management rules for distributed power supply and service points out that the design unit, construction unit and equipment and material supply unit of the distributed power supply and its access system project funded by users are independently selected by users. The construction unit undertaking the access project shall have the license for installation (repair and test) of power facilities, the qualification certificate of construction enterprise and the safety production license issued by the competent government department

understand the types of Jinan trial sales department, marketing department, finance department and Technology Department, and know why some people can't get subsidies for the built power station! Photovoltaic power stations have a lot of investment in the early stage. Don't get subsidies because they can't be recycled and reused, especially after the failure of thermoplastic composites, and they can be installed and applied in a standardized way

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