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With only 579 yuan of Dajiang Hei technology, tro Tello UAV welcomes the huge benefits of "double 11"

UAV has become a necessary self timer, tourism and entertainment technology trend for people nowadays. A UAV in hand can add a lot of fun to life, and it really needs to be out of touch with the times before playing UAV. But for many novices who have not been exposed to drones, there are too many factors to consider when starting a drone: with so many kinds, which one is the best for me? Drones are too expensive. When will they be discounted? What if you can't play after buying it

during the National Day holiday of 2018, the toy drone of tro Tello, known as the first UAV toy of young people, is also about to usher in the lowest price of the year. The price of a single version is reduced from 699 yuan to 579 yuan. Consumers can buy and enjoy the fun drone of tro Tello equipped with Dajiang flight control technology and Intel chips with only the price of a cheap toy. Still 2 What is automatic calibration? Now is the best time for all novice players to open the door to the new world of drones

inheriting the technology gene of Dajiang, the strength school with ultra-high cost performance

don't look at the petite figure of tro Tello interesting UAV. In its mini shape, it is equipped with Dajiang's leading flight control system and Intel's high-performance professional chip. It is not only very professional and safe, but also has the performance strength far beyond the toy UAV at the same price. Therefore, it is also the preferred model recommended by many old pilots to novice players

as a powerful group in toy UAVs, Tello has all the familiar safe flight control technologies in Dajiang, such as visual hovering, intelligent takeoff and landing, and out of control protection. In addition, the lightweight fuselage with only one and a half egg weight (about 80g) is escorted by elastic blades and blade protection. The advantage of safety technology is that it is simple, convenient and fall resistant, which allows novice players to enjoy the endless fun of flying and aerial photography without worry, and there will be no problem of not daring to fly anymore

in terms of the mainstream aerial photography function of UAVs, Tello also has the top performance among toy UAVs. Tello can fly up to 30 meters, and the farthest flight distance is 100 meters. The front end is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, and it supports electronic anti shake, which can clearly and stably shoot 720p definition video. In addition, it can also realize automatic shooting functions such as one key surround and one key fly away, so as to easily take cool photos that kill the circle of friends

aerial photography, throwing and tumbling enrich the playing methods, which is beyond your entertainment imagination of UAV

many times, the fun of aerial photography of UAV does not depend on the image quality effect and how high and far it flies, but on the process that players control UAV to complete aerial photos by hand. Compared with other toy drones and drones with aerial photography as the main function, Troy Tello drones have more diversified entertainment methods. Whether teenagers who have just come into contact with drones or drone enthusiasts with rich flight experience can find a unique and interesting flight experience in Troy

have you heard of drones that can juggle? In flight mode, Tello can realize unique entertainment methods such as throwing, tumbling and bouncing, which is very playable. For example, you can roll Tello in eight directions by gently sliding the app screen, and you can turn while flying even during the flight; For another example, when the software of the throwing experimental machine has been unprecedentedly developed, the automatic takeoff can be realized by gently throwing up Tello; With the support of Dajiang flight control technology, Tello can also jump up and down willfully. Once, there were old pilots who used Tello to create a hundred ways to play, so there were only unexpected tricks

in addition, Tello also has programming function, and players can create and design the flight action of UAV according to their own ideas. What, worried that the programming function is too difficult to use? Don't worry, the TRO Tello UAV is equipped with a variety of programming languages, including scratch graphical programming, which can be easily used by primary school students

double 11 welcomes the lowest price in history, and the best time to start Tello

it is easy to operate, has rich playing methods, and is professional and safe. This kind of tro Tello, which is suitable for all UAV beginners, needs to be distinguished by experience. During the double 11, the single version is only sold for 579 yuan (the original price is 699 yuan), and the package version is sold for 799 yuan (the original price is 999 yuan), which is the best time to start. From now on, Tello can be added to the shopping cart on major e-commerce platforms to lock in the year-end benefits in advance. Future pilots who want to get started with UAVs, buy one first and fly

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