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Beihai again! Nine Dragons Paper Forest Pulp paper integration project has reached a cooperation consensus

release date: Source: Guangxi satellite TV, etc.

on the afternoon of September 27, Wang Naixue, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Cai Jinjun, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, met with Zhang Yin, chairman of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nine Dragons Paper), Liu Mingzhong, vice chairman and chief executive officer, and Zhang Chengfei, vice chairman and deputy chief executive officer. The two sides had friendly discussions on the proposed investment and cooperation in Tieshan east port, Hepu, Beihai

at the end of September, Nine Dragons Paper executives, who had just completed their investigation in Guangxi, came to Guangxi again a month later. On November 5, Lu Xinshe, Secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region and director of the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of the autonomous region, met with the directors of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd. in Nanning. Zhang Yin and his party were led by Zhang Yin because of differences between the counterparty and its core transaction terms on the issue of shares and the payment of cash to purchase assets

this higher-level meeting also revealed the final foothold of Nine Dragons Paper's project in Guangxi - Beihai city

Lu Xinshe said that it is very important for a place to develop and strengthen its industry, and the key is to give full play to the role of enterprises. Nine Dragons Paper Company attaches great importance to the cooperation and development with Guangxi, and has reached a cooperation consensus with Beihai City on the construction of Forest Pulp paper integration project, which has a strategic vision. It is hoped that Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. will strengthen communication and docking with relevant departments of Beihai City and the autonomous region, and hope that the project team will jointly coordinate and solve the problems affecting the implementation of the project in the follow-up research and development, so as to save land as much as possible, reduce energy consumption as much as possible, reduce emissions as much as possible, and make technology as advanced as possible, so as to promote the early implementation and construction of the project and achieve early results

Zhang Yin introduced the project planning and other relevant situations, saying that she was very optimistic about the development prospects of Guangxi, and was full of confidence in investing in Guangxi. She would further strengthen the docking and consultation with relevant parties in Guangxi, actively promote the solution of existing difficulties and problems, ensure that the project was implemented as soon as possible, started as soon as possible, and achieved results as soon as possible, and make more contributions to the high-quality economic development of Guangxi

since 2019, Tieshangang, which ensures that the project meets the requirements of sustainable development in Beihai, Guangxi, has suddenly become a hot investment place for paper enterprises. In addition to Stora Enso, which started investing earlier, sun paper and Asia Pacific Senbo (Guangdong) paper have announced their investment plans in Beihai Tieshangang, of which the project of sun paper is accelerating. After Nine Dragons Paper announced its entry, the future pulp and paper production capacity of the region is likely to exceed 10million tons

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