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Wait for you to punch in! "Air giant" A380 settled in the Air Museum of Toulouse, France

waiting for you to punch in! "Air giant" A380 settled in the Air Museum of Toulouse, France on December 19, 2019

it is rose at dawn

it is lavender at noon

it is red at dusk

Toulouse in southwest France is exactly the dreamlike city described by the poet. Known as the "city of roses", brick red ancient buildings since the middle ages have been everywhere in every corner of the city, showing different depths with the flow of light

however, Toulouse is known to the world not only for its ancient and beautiful scenery, but also for its remarkable achievements in the history of world aviation development. The development of Toulouse's aviation industry can be traced back to the integration of modern advanced technology into the material experimental machine. From the 1920s, after World War II, there were legendary aircraft types, including the "Concorde", the fastest airliner in human aviation history, and a large number of powerful aircraft manufacturers. The headquarters and production base of the famous aircraft manufacturer Airbus are located here, creating Toulouse's unparalleled position, Make it stand out among many aviation cities around the world

in order to commemorate this glorious history, the aeroscopia Aviation Museum in Toulouse came into being

aeroscopia Aviation Museum is close to the headquarters of Airbus, and is sponsored by the R & D Department of Airbus, which has been open to the public since 2015. The museum has collected legends in aviation history, such as the world's first civil jet, the fast sail aircraft, and the Airbus a300b aircraft. Nowadays, the museum receives about 200000 tourists every year, and has become a must visit place in the eyes of many aircraft fans

aeroscopia aviation museum interior

and just recently, aeroscopia Aviation Museum added a valuable collection - the world's largest commercial airliner A380, known as the "air giant"

even those who have never flown or know nothing about the model of civil airliners have more or less heard of the A380. This behemoth is the first true double decker airliner in the aviation industry. Its size and passenger capacity are most of the commercial airliners, so it is also known as the "air giant". One of the reasons why it is named A380 is that its wingspan is 80 meters, its length is 80 meters, and its height is 80 feet - a single wing can put down a medium-sized aircraft A320. An A380 can carry up to 853 passengers, which is 1.5 times that of the Boeing 747, the world's second largest aircraft. The maximum takeoff weight is 575 tons, which is about equal to five blue whales

unfortunately, this world-renowned "air giant" is about to fade out of the historical stage - at the beginning of this year, Airbus announced that it would close the A380 production line in 2021 and turn to a smaller and more flexible jet aircraft. This news also makes the collection of aeroscopia Aviation Museum more precious

AkzoNobel has provided paint for the A380 since 2006. This time, we also put a modern new coat on the A380 collected by the aeroscopia Aviation Museum to help it make a new appearance

this painting was a great momentum, which lasted for four weeks, and a total of 50 people participated in the painting. In order to make the brushing effect both beautiful and effective, AkzoNobel has used a variety of coatings in the scheme:

aerodur HS 2121

the aircraft is primed with chrome free primer aerodur HS 2121. This is a new non pigmented primer jointly developed by AkzoNobel and Airbus, with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance

aerobase aviox clearcoat uv

the top is coated with aerobase primer and aviox clearcoat UV. Among them, aerobase has short drying time and long service life, which reduces the cost of painting to prevent oil leakage under high pressure, and aviox clearcoat UV can help the aircraft resist the erosion of UV


the AkzoNobel logo on both sides of the fuselage is painted with decorative paint

the overall color of the aircraft is white, and the details such as wings and tops are decorated with blue. The simple, refreshing and bright colors complement the blue sky and white clouds

since November, this new A380 has been officially displayed as a legend in aviation history. Now, it is lying quietly in the exhibition hall, waiting for groups of visitors to visit

aviation coatings have always been the focus and continuous exploration field of AkzoNobel. In order to strengthen the relevant business in the aviation field, AkzoNobel also recently completed the acquisition of mapaero, a French aviation coating manufacturer

with the help of mapaero's R & D experience in sustainable water-based coatings and advanced environmental protection coatings, AkzoNobel will continue to provide customers with innovative and environmentally friendly products to strengthen the global aviation coating business

with the A380 being included in the museum, its brilliant story is incarnated into a vivid history, showing the progressive flight dream of mankind. AkzoNobel is honored to witness this monument with a very wide mileage spectrum (from a few 10 trillion to several thousand trillion) in the aviation industry, and will continue to forge ahead and continue to develop new paint products. I hope we can go further with more planes, and we will accompany you on the cloud

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