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A middle-aged woman who kidnapped a boy dyed "white hair" and pretended to be an old lady (picture)

on the eve of June 1, a "Xinxiang 3-year-old boy was tricked" broke out in the circle of friends. After 12 hours of unremitting efforts, Xinxiang police arrested a 40 year old female suspect from the above definition on the night of the crime, but now it was easy for Liu to arrest, making Lian Hongmou, a 3-year-old child who was deceived, successfully saved

the clever brother took a clear picture of the suspect

"no, my grandson is missing!" At 10:10 a.m. on May 30, in a flower garden community in Huixian City, Xinxiang, the teacher of the city Yijin company called the police and said that he was working in the basement, and his 3-year-old grandson ran up and played with a strange middle-aged man. After more than 20 minutes, I heard my grandson's cry, so I hurried up and looked around, but there was no trace of the child. Huixian police immediately set up a special team to fully carry out the task of case detection

the Yiyi police spied and found that after luring 3-year-old Lian Hongmou, the suspected man fled the scene by taxi, so he quickly stopped a comprehensive visit to the vehicles of the taxi companies in Huixian City, and grasped a primary message: at 9:50 a.m. that day, a taxi brother was at the scene of the crime, pulled a man and the suspected child away four weeks, and the two got off at zaojunmiao bus station

"after the middle-aged man took the child to the car, there was something abnormal, and the child kept sobbing, but she seemed at a loss, unlike the child's familiar subordinates." Introduced by the Yiyi police, the taxi brother secretly took a clear front photo of the female suspect after finding the abnormality

Yiju Yimin found a coat of children suspected of being deceived in their home

if the aluminum alloy cable was connected, the Yimin police of the task force quickly rushed to the zaojunmiao bus station to stop the pursuit. Unfortunately, the suspected man and the suspected child who left have taken the bus to Xinxiang. The police stopped publishing the signs of the deceived children, the characteristics of the suspects, the reward notice and other relevant information to all sectors of the society in a timely manner

after a large number of visits to Mopai, the Yi People's police found that in the afternoon, the suspected man left Xinxiang from Huixian county and disappeared after getting off at Nangao village. He was very able to live around. The Yi People's police immediately conducted a carpet visit to the surrounding area of Nangao village

time pays off. At about 7 p.m. that night, the Yiyi police of the task force finally found the jacket of the child suspected of being deceived in the nearby Yiyi remote home

after further investigation, it was confirmed that the suspected man, Liu, was the wife of Cheng, 40 years old, had no offspring, often worked in a cake shop, and had no criminal record. After a further sudden trial, Cheng told his wife that she accounted for about 35% of the domestic market segment in the morning and disappeared after visiting relatives in Huixian county

dyed white hair and dressed up as an "old lady"

at 10:30 that night, the Yi People's police of the task force arrested the suspect Liu Lecheng in the core of his residence on his way to his residence. The deceived child, Lian Hongmou, was saved on the spot and escorted safely to his home overnight

"she passed in front of her several times, and she couldn't believe that the 'old lady' was her? She was so good at pretending!" According to the Yi People's police, the suspect had a strong understanding of spying, and he could already know that the police were just checking her, so he "looked new", cut his Shawl Black hair short and dyed it white, and changed from 40 years old to more than 60 years old, like an old lady. The suspect also changed a girl's dress for the boy

at present, the abducted child Lian Hong is in excellent physical and mental condition. The suspect Liu has been criminally detained, and her motive for committing the crime is under further investigation. The police will stop rewarding the cabbies who supply the primary clues

zhangzhihui, correspondent of Shi Chuang of Zhengzhou Evening News

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