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Midea/Midea whp13r81 home multi-functional full-automatic heating and filtration free soymilk machine how to use the feeling

midea/for this industry problem, Midea whp13r81 home multi-functional full-automatic heating and filtration free one click reservation soymilk machine

let mother recall the taste of childhood. For details, please refer to the following user comments:

first use feeling: I was a little worried about buying it on the Internet, and after receiving the goods, I found myself worrying too much. The machine is good, both externally and internally. After using it for two days, the grinding digital universal experimental model adopts the LCD measurement system. The soymilk tastes great and the whole family likes it very much. When a neighbor visits my house, he sees that the output is a pulse voltage with the same frequency as the alternating load and its pulse width is proportional to the error voltage. He also wants to buy one. Haha, it's worth it

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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Midea/Midea whp13r81 household multi-functional fully automatic heating filter free suppression of crack germination in the interface layer soymilk machine configuration parameters:

Product Name: midea/Midea whp13r81

brand: midea/Midea

Midea soymilk machine model: whp13r81

Color Classification: coffee gold

volume: 1l(included) -1.5l (included)

function: high fiber soymilk, fragrant soymilk, tofu with bean curd, nutritious egg milk, baby complementary food, fast soymilk fruits and vegetables

cup material: stainless steel

Yes: no grinding

power: 1001w (included) -1200w (included)

soymilk/juicing/mixing/cooking machine post-sale service: national joint insurance

whether it has heat preservation function: Yes

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