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The Middle East will build a polyester polyol plant with an annual capacity of 120000 tons

Saudi national industrialization Corporation (NIC) recently signed an agreement with Saudi advancedindustries, which will jointly build a polyester polyol plant with a capacity of 120000 tons/year. NIC shares rose 0.8 percentage points after the deal

in a statement submitted to the Saudi stock exchange, NIC said that the polyester polyol plant will start construction at the end of 2013, and the products are mainly used in carpets, automobiles and thermal insulation products. 70% of the money comes from bank loans and facilities

nic takes advantage of its low-cost raw materials to produce other petrochemical products such as propylene, ethylene and polypropylene

in January this year, NIC released a report showing that its profit in the fourth quarter of last year increased by 73 percentage points over the same period to 374 million Riyals. Next, NIC will vigorously develop new materials and release its economic report in the first quarter of this year

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