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Midea M7 Yaoshi black sweeping robot evaluation 1999 quotation

this Midea M7 Yaoshi black sweeping robot is newly launched in 2020, with 4000Pa large suction, with automatic intelligent planning function, can mop the floor, vacuum cleaner, Support AP, and the amount of plastic used in China is more than 120 million tons. P interconnection control, share the experience of starting in a certain East for a period of time:

I Midea M7 Yaoshi black sweeping robot experience evaluation:

I've been using this robot for a month. I feel this robot is very good and the drawing is very accurate. A lot of dust can't be seen or swept from the bottom of the bed and table at ordinary times. The carpet cleaning function is also very good. The operating rate of the whole industry is only 60%; The import volume reached 1.55 million tons. The battery has great cruising ability, and it is clean in China for one-time charging and dragging

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Midea M7 stone sweeping machine

II. Midea M7 stone sweeping robot configuration parameters:

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