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Mack CRM: make information collection more "elegant" and more timely

on May 21, 2014 innovation next was held in Shangri La Hotel in Beijing, and a grand gathering of investors and young entrepreneurs was staged again. In the project exhibition of the Internet special session in the morning, entrepreneurs from Beijing yiduoke Information Technology Co., Ltd. showed off their product Maike CRM

the following is the transcript of the live speech, which has not been confirmed by me:

yiduoke: today I want to talk about redefining information collection

what is information collection? This concept sounds boring, but it permeates all aspects of your work and life. For example, if you can participate in today's event, you must have filled in the audience registration form or guest registration form provided by venture state. This is information collection. For example, if there are more than a dozen students at a party, where to go and when you have time, you should vote. This is information collection. For example, I want to do market research and listen to customers' opinions on my products. This is also information collection. Our founding team did enterprise informatization at the beginning of entrepreneurship. Its branch is familiar to everyone, that is, OA. The most typical process in OA is reimbursement and leave, which is also information collection. The application value of this kind of material is greatly reduced when the customer comes. The salesperson should leave the contact information for follow-up. This is also information collection. Two days ago, when I was waiting for food, the waiter gave me a user rating table and asked me to rate the restaurant taste and environment. This is also information collection

after finishing what information collection is, we will talk about how to complete information collection gracefully. How to call inelegant? I started my business before I graduated from university. At that time, the school had a lot of messy things, such as statistics on everyone's study, employment intentions and work signing. At that time, our monitor was doing this very seriously and responsibly. His way was to send a form to group sharing or group email. Each student downloaded the attachment, filled in his own line, passed the attachment up, and then sent it. There are two problems. First, for people like me who can only use it at that time, this process is very painful. According to the structure and use situation of the equipment. Second, we can imagine that the monitor is more painful, because there are hundreds of attachments with the same name in the email. We need to download them, and then copy and paste the information into the summary table. This is an inefficient way of information collection

what is elegant information collection? For example, to participate in this activity, I need to make an application form. If your company's technology department is as awesome as our company's technology department, it may take two people a day to make a complete set of pages, including input boxes, verification mechanisms, information security prevention mechanisms, databases. After the activity is over, let the colleagues of the technology department export the document to the marketing department, and the marketing department will do the following marketing work on this document. It is difficult for the marketing department to see the content of the audience's registration and the reminders received at the same time and at any time. Therefore, Mack will build a platform for all information feedback collection, statistical analysis, collaboration and sharing, data verification, platform compatibility, personality configuration, etc., so that users can comfortably complete the process of information collection in one minute without any technology. This is what we have been thinking since we started our business, that is, information collection may not be the survival of a company. It is a small point. It exists in all aspects of your work. You may not even realize how many overtime nights it brings to you, but we hope to have Mack, which can make your work process a little easier and happier. This is the original intention of our product

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