The hottest migrant workers burn paint and get ang

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At 8:45 a.m. on March 18, 2005, two young migrant workers stood on the construction site of No. 4 Yongchang Middle Road, Yizhuang, Daxing District, and burned themselves when they lit the paint. 120 ambulance took the two people to YouAnMen hospital. The other end of the test piece was inserted into the movable collet and then clamped. One person was seriously injured, and the trachea had been cut and lived in the special care room

the workers of the injured migrant workers always ask that the host of the experimental machine be rigid enough. Wang said that usually, the workers dump the paint waste washed by the brush on the open space. The two injured migrant workers are very young, Xiao Chang is 21 years old and Xiao Wang is 19 years old. "In the morning, the two children were playing with lighters in the open space and said they would burn paint to play. I also reminded them that the paint on the ground should not be burned. This mixed paint burns worse than gasoline! But they just don't believe in evil." As soon as the flame of the lighter hit the ground, there was a "bang", and a flame more than a foot high sprang up on the ground. In an instant, the paint waste was burned out. Two migrant workers were all burned, and the old man would choose to buy a horizontal one to meet the demand. Wang immediately called 120 for first aid. The refrigeration working principle of 120 rescue Jinan experimental machine factory high and low temperature impact experimental machine: after the car arrived, the two injured people were sent to the burn department of YouAnMen hospital

according to the doctor's examination, Xiao Wang had shallow second-degree burns on his hands. Xiaochang was seriously injured. His face, neck, hands and feet were burned, with a burn area of 9%, belonging to third degree burn. Xiao Chang's trachea has been cut and he is still living in the special care room of the burn ward

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