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Wa's problems in this regard are not particularly obvious on the static experimental machine. TCH's medium and high-end products are equipped with lansys 3D glass to "amaze" the world.

recently, oppo officially released its first smart watch product, oppo watch. Oppo watch adopts flexible screen and 3D curved surface design. The 3D hyperboloid flexible screen previously used on flagship is innovatively applied to oppo watch this time, which can bring broader vision and richer picture details. It can be said that it brings the wearing and decoration functions of a smart watch to the extreme

oppo watch is a leading attempt of oppo in smart watches. It is also a leading aiot product in the field of sports and health. With 42 structural patents, oppo watch is one of the representatives of boutique and innovation in the smart watch camp

oppo watch's front and back 3D surface design uses multi radian curves to create a flawless, lightweight and flexible watch case, which is very beautiful in light and shadow flow

oppo watch has three versions: 41mm, 46mm and refined steel version, which are priced at 1499 yuan, 1999 yuan and 2499 yuan respectively. The cover of the three versions is 3D curved glass, and the materials and processes of the watch case and bottom case are different, covering medium and high-end glass, sapphire, ceramics, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, fluororubber, leather, etc., which correspond to three prices respectively. They are cost-effective and can give consumers a variety of choices

among them, composite materials dominate in some models. The 41mm watch case is made of aluminum alloy, which is more corrosion-resistant; Sandblasting technology brings matte texture, and the color matching of elegant black, pink gold and fog silver is low-key and implicit; The bottom shell is made of PC material, which is light, comfortable, durable, skin friendly and zero sensitive. The 46mm version case is made of aluminum alloy, and the polishing process brings a bright texture. The color matching of obsidian and Ryukyu is elegant and exquisite; The bottom shell is made of ceramic +pc material, with a perfect combination of texture and beauty. The case of the refined steel version is made of 316L stainless steel, which is firm and durable; Nano vacuum plating and manual polishing and polishing retain the high texture of traditional watches; The bottom shell is made of 3D full ceramic technology + sapphire through 42 processes, which is timeless

according to insiders, this oppo watch appearance is designed and supplied by Lansi technology, a leading enterprise in Windows protection. In the field of medium and high-end smart watches, lansys technology has taken over apple, Samsung, and users need to comprehensively consider Huawei, oppo and other domestic and foreign brand customers on how to choose. The number of patents of the company in the field of glass, sapphire panel, ceramic panel and other new materials is in the forefront of the industry. It has the design and production foundation of sapphire protective screen products, and has a mature production and manufacturing capacity of the whole industrial chain of sapphire long crystal equipment manufacturing, sapphire production, and post-processing. It also has the ability to process powder, cast molds by various methods, high and carry out according to the national metrological verification system table; Carry out measurement and calibration, complete ceramic technology and large-scale production capacity from warm sintering to fine processing

According to the 2019 global wearable device market report released by IDC, major manufacturers delivered 336.5 million wearable devices last year, an increase of 89% over 178 million in 2018. Among them, Apple sold 106.5 million wearable devices last year, consolidating its market share of 31.7% and firmly occupying the leading position in the market. Samsung delivered a total of 30.9 million wearable devices last year, more than doubling year-on-year

Guosheng Securities said that wearable devices such as smart watches and smart headphones have become another explosive market after smart. Lansys technology covers the design, innovation, production and assembly business of glass, sapphire, ceramic front and rear cover assemblies, touch control, fitting, sensor assemblies, as well as appearance and functional components such as metal, ceramic case and crown of smart wearable devices, and its market share continues to top the list, The development momentum is strong and there is huge room for growth. The company is optimistic about the future development of TWS headphone industry. Haoen acoustics has made excellent progress in its shareholding incubation, and will enter the mass production supplier sequence of the next generation of TWS headphones in the future

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