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Middleware architecture Unicom e-commerce platform

with China's entry into WTO, the competition in the domestic telecommunications market is intensifying. In order to provide more services and carry out various value-added services, reduce operating costs, transform traditional business models with new technologies, and improve enterprise efficiency and market competitiveness, China Unicom has launched the e-commerce platform construction project, which is one of the largest e-commerce projects in China at present. Tongweb platform version of dongfangtong technology has become the infrastructure software of China Unicom's e-commerce platform after fierce bidding

China Unicom is a large state-owned telecom operator with the most complete business types in China. It has a large number of mobile user communications, has perfect infrastructure, has nationwide transmission and ATM data based on the transmission platform, Unicom 165 stations and mobile data under construction, all of which provide favorable conditions for the development of e-commerce

China Unicom's e-commerce platform includes CA certification system, payment customs and electronic creep endurance testing machine. It has the characteristics of wide range of utilization, multiple functions, strong versatility and high degree of automation. The business platform and application system will be built in China Unicom headquarters and branches all over the country by stages. The main services provided by China Unicom e-commerce include:

· upper business hall

the upper business hall builds a virtual business hall system based on the web station. Users can complete business inquiry and consultation, payment and business handling without manual intervention, such as the suspension of some businesses, card sales, etc. the upper business hall uses the 165 Unicom stations that have been built in all provinces, and supports the upper payment function

· online shopping

online shopping is a traditional e-commerce application. China Unicom uses existing e-commerce sites to carry out standard online shopping business, and other businesses can also sell on China Unicom e-commerce sites

· small payment

based on mobile terminals, small payment is made by using phone fees through SMS and other methods, which is mainly used for the purchase of low-cost goods such as lottery tickets and books

· toll collection

China Unicom has a nationwide business system and a perfect billing and accounting system, which can provide toll collection services for other units, especially the various information services provided by many toll stations at present. Due to the small amount, it is not convenient for users to pay. Users can send charging requests to the toll collection system through SMS, WAP, etc., and the toll collection system will feed back the deduction results to users and charging units at the same time

· security application

China Unicom has carried out business such as enterprise mailbox. With the improvement of users' requirements for the security and reliability of communication, systems such as secure email will have more and more users, and systems such as e-government can be built based on secure email

· securities trading system

with the continuous growth of the number and the reduction of communication costs, more and more investors begin to use stock speculation. With the construction of China Unicom CDMA, the data communication function of China Unicom is becoming stronger and stronger. Therefore, China Unicom can provide users with a securities trading system based on mobile terminals, and conduct securities trading in the form of WAP browsing, jade, brew client applications, etc. The foreground of the securities trading system faces the user terminal, and the background is connected with the securities trading system. It sends the user's operation request to the securities trading system, and feeds back the result to the user

· B2B business

B2B business is mainly the corporate business between China Unicom and other cooperative units. As a large national company, China Unicom has business contacts with many other companies, such as bidding and contract execution between import and export companies and equipment manufacturers and integrators, and business wholesale and payment between China Unicom and distributors and agents. By building a B2B e-commerce system, we can save human and material resources and reduce operating costs

China Unicom's e-commerce platform is a large-scale national project, which is difficult to build, covers a wide range of business areas, and has the characteristics of wide service areas. It can involve B2B and B2C businesses, and provides services such as business hall, secure e-mail, E-securities, e-Lottery, e-gifts, import and export transactions, and agents/distributors transactions, so as to truly realize "one point access, national services", While ensuring security, it provides good scalability and high reliability, as well as many interfaces and rich access methods

the construction and implementation of China Unicom's e-commerce platform project comprehensively consider the current situation and the requirements of business development, pay attention to the scalability and processing performance of the entire e-commerce platform and the support service level of the product company, determine to take an open and standard technical route, and combine the factors of practicality, progressiveness, security, easy expansion, easy management, easy implementation, efficiency, stability, etc, Tongweb platform version of dongfangtong technology is adopted. The tongweb platform products of dongfangtong technology selected by China Unicom include tongweb, a web application server, and tongeasy, a transaction middleware that has won the national science and technology progress award. In the construction of e-commerce business platform, Eastcom technology provided China Unicom with a complete system solution

the China Unicom e-commerce platform built on the tongweb platform version of the products provided by dongfangtong Technology Company Zibo Municipal government with nearly 2000 square meters of office space for start-ups in the first high building of Zibo has the following characteristics:

· openness

the China Unicom e-commerce platform based on J2EE application server technology adopts open technical standards, It is convenient for interconnection with various internal and external systems based on different development technologies. On the other hand, it also provides greater room for the choice of product suppliers and technical service providers

· progressiveness

the application system is built on the tongweb platform product that meets the J2EE standard. It adopts the advanced three-tier (multi-tier) application design mode and the object component development technology, which has various benefits brought by the J2EE standard. Such as cross platform, high performance, structural standards, easy to expand and so on, and it is supported by many manufacturers. Become the first choice for web application development. Its transaction middleware tongeasy product conforms to the OLTP model of x/open organization, supports a variety of transaction management methods, provides technologies such as buffer pool and connection pool, and provides full support in communication, service scheduling, load balancing, etc

· convenience of application development

tongweb platform products, while providing various services, fully shield the technical implementation details, provide the basic services required by the upper application with a simple and easy API for developers to understand and use, ensure that application developers focus on the application business logic, effectively reduce the development difficulty, shorten the development cycle, and reduce the development cost

· scalability

tongweb platform products provide good business type scalability and business scale scalability, which can be divided into about 1000 subcategories, ensuring that when the system grows over time, it can quickly and easily introduce new hardware and software systems. With the development of China Unicom e-commerce in many provinces, it can be easily transferred from the national centralized way to the provincial or regional centralized way. In national centers and provinces, computers can be dynamically deployed with the increase of business volume to improve the system processing capacity

· robustness and availability

the robustness of business systems depends on the robustness of platform products on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also depends on the robustness of application systems. Tongweb platform products have been widely tested in various user systems, and the robustness of the application system established on this basis is easier to be guaranteed due to the reduction of development difficulty. Through the clustering function of tongweb platform products, it can not only balance the load among multiple hosts, but also automatically provide service migration in case of host failure, ensure the high availability of e-commerce platform, and provide 7x24 service

· security

includes user access control, information encryption, identity authentication, etc

through tongweb platform products, China Unicom's e-commerce platform makes full use of today's advanced and mature middleware technologies and products. With the web application server of J2EE architecture as the core, it not only meets the requirements of dynamic interaction ability, system availability, scalability and other aspects of web applications, but also can fully enjoy the convenience of development. With the three-tier (multi-layer) application structure, the development, deployment and management work have been greatly simplified, ensuring the quality and time of engineering projects, and reducing the operation and maintenance costs. Good scalability ensures the continuous expansion of functions with the needs of business development

the successful implementation of e-commerce platform should be considered from the perspective of efficiency, so as to open up the e-commerce market for China Unicom, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and obtain an advantageous position in the fierce market competition

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