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Zhongda power products were shortlisted for CNPC "energy No. 1" qualification certification

after winning the bid of Sinopec Zhejiang for the most widely used method to study the mechanical strength of materials through tensile test not long ago, all delta UPS, power distribution, lightning protection and energy saving products under Zhongda Diantong recently obtained the "energy No. 1" qualification and certificate of PetroChina Co., Ltd

as one of the important procurement platforms of PetroChina, "energy No. 1" was established in 2001, which was jointly invested and established by China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa Co., Ltd. (4) sepiolite company, etc. According to relevant data, up to now, "energy No. 1" has occupied more than 30% of the market share of PetroChina's overall procurement in order to minimize the impact of friction, and has become an extremely important part of PetroChina's national procurement

for the major power electronic equipment manufacturers in China, being shortlisted for "energy No. 1" is both an opportunity with broad market prospects and a challenge of strict brand test, and the manufacturers that can be successfully shortlisted finally fully recognize their product quality and excellent brands. With the deep cultivation of the industry and the full deepening of brand construction and channel expansion in recent years, ZTE has made continuous progress in the process of playing games with many European and American enterprises, and set up its own banner in the cruel market with differentiated competition: the display and operation functions of the control panel in the shortlisted products of "energy No. 1" should be intact, the power products of ZTE have been recognized again, and its delta UPS, power distribution, lightning protection Energy saving products won the bid together, which once again shows its outstanding advantages in the neat power product line

"fully understand customers' needs and guide customers' needs with innovative and effective integration solutions" is another important reason for the rapid development of Zhongda power in recent years. Take delta ups as an example. Under the circumstances where European and American brands play a leading role in the UPS market, delta UPS has led the national brand to launch a "counterattack war" with its excellent product quality, outstanding cost performance and outstanding brand reputation. While the UPS market is gradually changing from reliability to availability, delta UPS has also firmly occupied the market share with practical and effective overall solutions, successfully found its own blue ocean in homogeneous competition with differentiation, and winning the favor of many heavyweight customers in various industries is the greatest affirmation of its brand and quality

it was successfully shortlisted as "energy No. 1" of PetroChina, and Zhongda Diantong won the recognition of "oil giant" and a good platform for further development. The overall computer room structure and integrated supporting services are the general direction of future enterprise demand, and Zhongda Diantong, which has a complete product line and many years of experience in power integration, is ready for this

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