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CIMC Lingyu's delivery ceremony of 50 aluminum tank cars was held in Binzhou on October 31, the splendor of late autumn exceeded this current. On the logistics square in Binnan of the Yellow River Delta, 50 brand-new liquid tank cars were magnificent and magnificent. The delivery ceremony of 50 liquid tank cars from Dongfeng Liuqi and CIMC Lingyu to Jingbo logistics was grandly held here

more than 150 people, including Haobo, deputy county head of Boxing County, gaoyingjiang, general manager of Jingbo logistics, hanchunsheng, deputy general manager, Xuanying, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Liuqi, zhangminfu, manager of CIMC Lingyu Shandong region, and representatives of local hazardous chemicals transportation enterprises, participated in the delivery instrument. Europe is also the world's largest peek trading market. This is another batch of 50 liquid tank cars delivered by CIMC Lingyu after the delivery of 50 aluminum tank cars in Zibo on August 30

The ceremony was first addressed by Haobo, deputy head of Boxing County. It is pointed out that the national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy puts forward new requirements for the transformation, upgrading and sustainable and healthy development of logistics equipment. The use of standardized logistics transport vehicles provided by Dongfeng Liuqi and CIMC Lingyu in Beijing Expo is an important measure for Beijing Expo logistics to adapt to the "new normal" of economic development, adjust the structure, transform the business model and accelerate industrial upgrading. At the same time, this enterprise alliance can better promote the formation of an industrial ecosystem of resource sharing, win-win cooperation and sustainable development, and will play an important role in accelerating the transformation of economic development mode of boxing logistics industry and promoting stable, healthy and sustainable economic development

hanchunsheng, deputy general manager of Jingbo logistics and general manager of Binnan logistics, delivered a speech. He warmly welcomed the on-site leaders and users and expressed heartfelt thanks to the manufacturers for their strong support in products. Finally, Xuan Ying, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Liuqi, took over the golden key symbolizing 50 liquid tank cars

in the indoor part, CIMC Lingyu Shandong liquid tank car applied for a new alloy invention patent. Yanshipan, the sales manager, introduced the general situation of CIMC Lingyu and the company's product features to users. CIMC Lingyu's concept of automatically calculating the maximum force, tensile strength, compressive strength, yield point and other key parameters focused on the R & D and production of medium and high-end liquid tank cars was recognized by the guests present. The complete announcements, standardization, lightweight, safety and economy of CIMC Lingyu liquid tank cars attracted extensive attention from users

the 50 aluminum tankers delivered this time are loaded on 43 square aluminum alloy crude oil trucks that CIMC Lingyu has great advantages in the industry, which is a classic work of standardization and lightweight. After the meeting, the beautiful tanker attracted the attention of leaders of relevant government departments and representatives of participating enterprises, and everyone stopped to visit. Under the introduction of Lingyu's business manager, the participants praised the vehicle's beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, high-end configuration, unique girder structure, etc. many users saw so many high configuration liquid tank cars for the first time

this fully demonstrates the strength of Jingbo logistics. The company is a diversified service-oriented third-party logistics enterprise integrating highway, railway freight, warehousing and financial logistics supply chain. The company owns and integrates more than 3000 social vehicles. It is one of the top 100 logistics enterprises in China, a 4A logistics enterprise, a national pilot enterprise for highway transportation, a key logistics enterprise in Shandong Province, and a famous service enterprise in Shandong Province. With its high-quality service and innovative business model, it has become the preferred third-party logistics service provider for many well-known domestic enterprises and listed companies, and gradually become bigger and stronger in the logistics industry

it is reported that these vehicles will be put into the Yellow River Delta Binnan Logistics Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Jingbo logistics, to transport crude oil. We expect Lingyu liquid tank to make new contributions to the growing logistics and transportation business of Jingbo logistics

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