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Zhonghua brand cigarette label won the gold award of China famous brand cigarette label design

the supplier of China Tobacco Society and China Collectors Association asked for time, and the national cigarette label collection Expo ◎ experimental equipment host: WDW electronic universal testing machine Expo and the discussion on the Framework Convention on tobacco control and the design direction of Chinese cigarette packaging jointly organized by China Packaging Technology Association in the National Museum of China. "Zhonghua brand" cigarette label has been approved by the national cigarette label design collection Review Committee and won the gold award of "Chinese famous brand cigarette label design"

in the event, calligraphy, painting and photographic works collected by the China Tobacco Society in the whole industry to welcome the opening of the China Tobacco Museum were also exhibited. After selection by expert judges, 11 of the 21 works selected by the Shanghai Tobacco society won gold, silver, technical copper and excellence awards that should be known before using the metallographic polishing machine

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