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Zoomlion has set up a "counter area" in its "supermarket" to improve its management. Zoomlion has set up a "counter area" in its "supermarket" to improve its management. Introduction: in daily life, everyone likes to go to the supermarket for shopping. A bright and comfortable shopping environment is on the one hand, and more importantly, there are a wide range of items. The visual management of the technology and technology development is clear, If you need anything, just go straight to the counter area. Shopping is fast, time-saving and convenient. If the supermarket management is applied to practical work, this

in daily life, everyone likes to go to the supermarket for shopping. A bright and comfortable shopping environment is one thing. What's more important is that the items are complete and the visual management is clear. You can go straight to the counter to get what you need. Shopping is fast and time-saving. If the "supermarket management" is applied to practical work, this is the highlight and innovation in production management. In production, some departments have made achievements in workshop production management by using this management method for reference

the delivery center of the manufacturing department of the engineering crane company, as a window for the external service of the crawler crane, began to implement the basic project of "supermarket management" in August, 2011 in view of the characteristics of the crawler crane, such as complex product structure, frequent configuration changes and difficult material receiving and cleaning. The most important thing in the supermarket management is to improve the original disordered material management into clear and tidy visual management. After the improvement of visual management, the parts warehouse has taken on a new look, and the staff rest area integrating learning, publicity and meeting functions is warm and clean; The parts and components rack area scattered and orderly is neat and uniform; Parts and materials shall be placed neatly and clearly marked according to the same kind of articles (not according to the product code). For example, pins of various tonnages are all placed on the material rack in the pin area, and pads of various tonnages are placed on the inertia rack in the base plate area where the material 2 and the load are reduced at the same time. The materialman strictly monitors the incoming, outgoing and storage of materials, which not only meets the needs of vehicle transportation, but also reduces the inventory pressure

however, it is found that this method only reflects the "mixed management" in the "supermarket management". In the past few years after the basic implementation of the "supermarket management", this "mixed management" still needs to be improved for the car packing box. Every time the packer is equipped with various parts for truck packing, he has to push the tool cart back and forth in various areas to pick up the accessories. The work efficiency is not high, and sometimes it is easy for new employees who are not familiar with the business to make mistakes. In response to this problem, the person in charge of the delivery center asked for improvement. The on-site engineer and the warehouse keeper conduct on-the-spot investigation in the warehouse to explore a more convenient and ingenious method, and change the original "mixed management" to "counter management". What is "counter management"? It is to set up a special "counter area" for packaging materials, and set up a counter area with the same product code, which is not mixed with materials with different product codes. In this way, when packing workers are preparing to pack materials, as long as the waste of plastic products seriously worsens our living environment, they can find all the materials they need by pushing the trolley in the "counter area", which saves time and is fast, and greatly improves their work efficiency. In fact, the popular explanation is that when you go to the supermarket, you need to buy a new set of "clothes" (suit, trousers, shirt, tie, leather shoes, etc.) from top to bottom. You can quickly find them in the counter area of the supermarket, which not only facilitates customers, but also improves the work efficiency of salespeople

the "counter area" is set for materials, which means that sufficient preparations have been made for the delivery of materials when placing materials. This method is the best error prevention method for material management in the warehouse of the delivery center at present. It is necessary for us to further improve and make efforts to excavate the advanced management mode in the "supermarket management"

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