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Zhongfu paper industry welcomed the paper house and paper furniture of the Peking University Alumni group. They were highly praised. Release date: Source: China good has strong data big value, small value, average value, net energy, turn back energy, total energy, tortuosity modulus, breakpoint displacement x% load, breakpoint load x% displacement, and so on. On November 5, more than 30 Peking University Alumni came to Zhongfu paper industry for visit and exchange. Chairman yangpingru General manager hanhuihong personally received and extended a warm welcome to everyone

president Han introduced the company's business philosophy and development status in detail, and played the enterprise sand painting propaganda film. Everyone spoke highly of the company's "one, two and three" development model of "one, two and three foundations"

then, Mr. Yang and Mr. Han accompanied the guests to visit the Dalian cross-border e-commerce comprehensive exhibition hall made of all paper. Through the combination of paper and art, the exhibition hall perfectly presents an amazing effect. Everyone was amazed at the wide use of paper. 10. The machine was calibrated simply and took photos at the same time. Secondly, take a group photo

then, they went to Zhiwu technology company for a visit. The paper house downstairs of the company attracted everyone's attention. It was the first paper model house in Northeast China. Zhongfu Paper Co., Ltd., as the second editor in chief, participated in the formulation of national industrial standards for this material

when we come to Zhiwu technology, the dazzling, fashionable and novel office environment makes us refreshing. The fashion and durability of paper furniture are beyond everyone's imagination. Most of the paper artworks are full of creativity and exquisite in about 510 hours, and are loved by everyone

the recognition and praise of PKU alumni is a great support and encouragement to Zhongfu paper industry. In the future, Zhongfu paper industry will continue to carry forward the paper culture, make paper articles, and provide more and better products for everyone

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