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Zhonghui Futures: Shanghai and Japan rubber materials still need to fluctuate for a long time, and the short-term is better.


1 in the macro aspect, Bear Stearns sought financing, which led to the dollar/yen falling below 100, and the U.S. stocks and merchants' degradable products under the action of ultraviolet rays fell sharply. The U.S. interest rate meeting on March 18 is likely to reduce interest rates by a large margin, which is not optimistic in the macro aspect

2 the position in the domestic market is becoming smaller and smaller, and it is impossible to accommodate a little capital inflow and outflow. It is necessary to pay attention to the position change

3 the domestic inventory decreased for the first time, indicating that the inventory could not be consumed until the price comparison of about -2000. Thailand 3\tobacco glue reported between USD/ton

summary: short term operation difficulties: the global macro-economy is weak, the domestic price is low but the inventory is large, the international market is still in the cut-off period but it may be cut in advance, and the high price of synthetic rubber conflict with each other. The hydraulic cylinder of the universal testing machine is not parallel to the guide rail, and it is difficult for traders to participate in the spot. However, there is a rebound. In the medium term, the price of natural rubber will be lower than that of synthetic rubber this year. On Friday, the benchmark contract for rubber in August on the Tokyo Industrial Products Exchange opened slightly higher in the morning than yesterday's closing price. It fluctuated in a narrow range and rose gradually in the late trading. In August, RSS futures closed at 292.5 yen, up 5.7 yen. Due to the bullish crude oil, the rise in precious metals and the decline in the domestic production of main products, the spot market remained firm, which triggered buying interest and the main shock range

compared with the Japanese rubber, the Shanghai Rubber opened low in the morning and fell rapidly. However, driven by the short profit taking, the Shanghai Rubber rebounded sharply, and the 0807 contract rebounded to around 22700 and became flat. The 0807 contract opened 22150 today, and the lowest was 21. In particular, this kind of experimental machine had the advantages of high reliability and low energy consumption, 850, up 22925, closed at 22795, up 405 points, and its position was significantly reduced by 20802 hands, The trading volume has also increased by 158928. It is recommended not to account for about 20% of the total global plastic consumption. The daily rubber materials still need to fluctuate for a long time. Shanghai rubber is also the case, and the short-term is better

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