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Before the decoration of the house, many people are dissatisfied with the house and will carry out demolition and renovation. Now let's talk about the main demolition and renovation process and precautions for demolition and renovation

mainly includes wall demolition, wall building, wall peeling, heating, plastic steel window replacement, etc. To put it bluntly, the main demolition is to put up the framework of the construction site first

wall treatment: if the original putty is waterproof putty, you don't need to shovel it. If it is uneven, you need to brush a layer of interface agent and then scrape the putty for leveling. If not, shovel it all off and do it again. Just apply putty 2-3 times. Where the wall is slotted, it should be sealed with plaster, pasted with real kraft paper (which cannot be pulled), and then puttying. If there are hollows or cracks, they must be treated

the main body demolition and renovation is the first project, mainly including wall demolition, wall building, wall peeling, heating demolition, plastic steel window replacement, etc. The demolished and modified garbage should be cleaned out in time to ensure indoor cleanliness, which is also for the convenience of construction. At this time, it is time to fix the finished door. At this time, it's best to browse through the cabinets, smoke machines, stoves and water heaters, and you can make sure

main body removal and modification process:

1. Design drawings. The first thing to do before the demolition and modification of the main body is to prepare the design drawings first, and carry out the demolition and modification of the main body according to the planning of the decoration design drawings. Without the decoration drawings, the decoration content is not planned. In this case, it is inappropriate to carry out the demolition and modification recklessly

2. Retention of raw materials. In the early stage of demolition and modification, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the raw materials need to be removed. For example, if the original putty is waterproof, it does not need to be removed, and the materials that can be used directly should be retained

3. Wall demolition and reconstruction. Demolish and build new walls according to the instructions of the decoration drawings

4. Shovel the land. If there is heating, remove the heating and replace it with plastic steel windows

5. Clean up garbage. A large amount of garbage will be left after the demolition and reconstruction. At this time, the construction team needs to clean up the garbage for the next operation


1. The bearing wall cannot be removed. According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, it is generally illegal to dismantle the bearing wall, and the bearing wall, as the main part bearing the weight of the previous floor, will make the house collapse after demolition

2. If the door frame is in the concrete, it cannot be removed. If it is forcibly removed, the wall is prone to collapse

3. The low wall of the balcony cannot be removed. The balcony may collapse after removal

4. The lines under demolition should be closed in advance. Be extra careful with the lines hidden in the wall, and turn off the main gate in advance to prevent the construction workers from accidentally contacting the wires and causing electric shock





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