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From March 23 to March 26, 2016, Xianyue made a stunning debut at the 21st China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai Construction Expo)

from March 23 to March 26, 2016, Xianyue doors and windows made a stunning debut at the 21st China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai Construction Expo). The reporter of home hotline interviewed Huang hecong, general manager of Foshan Xianyue door and window system Co., Ltd

home hotline: most enterprises will make some adjustments to their products before participating in the exhibition. What are the key recommended products brought by enterprises in this exhibition? Simply give us a brief description of the advantages of your products

Mr. Huang: at the exhibition, we brought the integrated products of broken bridge flat opening/inner opening inverted window and broken bridge screen window, which have been greatly reflected in sound insulation, anti-theft and mosquito prevention, energy conservation and environmental protection. The use of all door and window profiles of our company comes from Fenglv aluminum, which ranks first in China's architectural aluminum profiles, ensuring the high quality and environmental protection characteristics of aluminum alloy profiles, and realizing the excellent air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, sun protection, wind pressure resistance and other superior properties of door and window products. The transmission and control systems adopt German "hobo" and "norto roto" Imported professional door and window accessories such as "silia siegenina" are exquisite and generous, with flexible switches and durability. The heat insulation strips in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection are the products of the world's top 500 "Tylenol". We constantly improve our product quality system

home hotline: this year, "March 15", "hungry" and other businesses were exposed to lax management. Similarly, regulatory issues are equally important for the cooperation between manufacturers and dealers. How does the enterprise protect the rights and interests of dealers

Mr. Huang: we have a very comprehensive security system for dealers, and the policy of supporting dealers has great strength. We will provide free samples, decoration subsidies, vi& Si image unification and other support. We have also made a lot of investment in product assurance and humanized services

home hotline: what is the expected effect of this exhibition

Mr. Huang: we have gained a lot from this exhibition. We have gained some customers from northern Europe. Our brand is familiar to more people, which is also the point I hope to achieve





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