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Refuse to enter the pit, I have my move - whole wood customized product purchase guide

refuse to enter the pit, I have my own way - the whole wood customized product purchase guide! Furniture decoration, in order to pursue high quality, high customization and excellent service, more and more consumers begin to choose whole wood customized furniture. It can not only make rational use of all kinds of space in the home, but also make the home style harmonious and unified. However, traditional customization has various problems, such as opaque price, weak after-sales guarantee and so on. One ring by ring, the routine is deep, so compared with traditional home, customized home is more intimate and comfortable, which meets the expectations of owners. But how to choose a cost-effective custom home? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how not to go into the pit

now, most owners usually mention two parts: wardrobe and cabinet. In the face of a variety of designs and materials, owners are usually black eyed. The same material has a gap of several times or even dozens of times in different stores. First of all, the owners understand that this difference in price is not caused by materials, but by "design". In high-end furniture, design is not just a simple matter of making flowers, but a real home decoration art based on the needs of customers. Some friends said that there is no need for high-end design at home, and ordinary ones are enough. Then for ordinary people, it depends on their material selection and production technology. Generally speaking, the cabinet body of the ordinary cabinet accounts for 40-50% of the cabinet cost, and the wardrobe accounts for more than 80%. Therefore, when choosing customized furniture, don't just look at the price. The quality of products is also a very important measure

if you want to avoid the pitfall, you need to understand the whole wood customization process. From the beginning of the customer's order, the designer will make the product type, product style, product material selection and budget according to the customer's needs. After both parties reach an agreement, they can sign an agreement and deliver it to the manufacturer. After confirmation, they can carry out production and final delivery. If you follow this process, there will be no additional additional costs. Therefore, when choosing customized products, we must choose reliable merchants

the second problem to pay attention to is the problem of manufacturing materials. Maybe some companies offer lower prices, but in fact, the materials used are more inferior. This is undoubtedly a kind of dark poison for daily life. The most common way to use this material is to use high formaldehyde wall paint to replace environmental protection paint, inferior planing wood to replace solid wood board, and so on

it should be noted that there is also bundled consumption, which may not be directly told you in the early stage. Only when the re engineering is about to end, do you tell the owners that they need some bundled services, and then they have to pay. The most common is the bundled sale of household appliances, many of which are unknown brands, which make owners mistakenly think it is a gift. We must not be fooled when encountering this kind of bundling consumption

seeing the introduction of the above editor, I believe you have learned several tricks to prevent pits! In fact, it is a big project, which requires consumers to polish their eyes and think by themselves. They cannot be completely led by businesses. So if you want to save trouble and worry, you'd better choose a trustworthy brand company, which will be more reassuring




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