Must see the decoration effect of the restaurant i

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At the end of the year, there were more family gatherings, and the frequency of table use increased. The beautiful dining table can control the mood when eating. Different sizes of dining tables and chairs should also face the special relationship between various users

1 use tablecloths to change the appearance of basic tables

white and wood colored basic tables will be bored after a long time. It doesn't matter. Arm them with beautiful tablecloths. Pure cotton tablecloths are easy to clean and have a variety of colors to choose from. Some linen tablecloths have been specially treated, and they can also be washed and taken care of, which is more convenient. Pay attention to the drape of the tablecloth and the friction between the tablecloth itself and the desktop. The particularly thin tablecloth may slip back and forth, becoming a potential safety hazard in the dining process





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