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33、 In contrast, Wu, the decorator, undertook the three bedroom decoration project of the owner Liu. After completing the water and electricity wiring, Wu recommended two tile brands to Liu and vowed to keep their product quality as their own. However, there is a relative of Liu, Du, who specializes in the wholesale business of tiles. Liu found Du, and Du recommended a higher-end product at the cost price. When he came out of Du, Liu casually dialed Wu's mobile phone to inform him that the tiles had been bought, and sent them home in the afternoon to ask him for good luck. Wu urgently asked about the brand and price of tiles. Liu truthfully told him, but Wu asked: it seems that your relative is not authentic, His brand of tiles is not a famous brand at all, and the quality is also very general, which actually undercuts your high price& times;& times; There was also a tile shop on the road, with the same quality and only half the price. Hearing this, Liu felt deeply that this relative was dishonest, so he turned to the tile shop introduced by Wu

XXXIV. Kurouji

decorator Chen reached a new house decoration agreement with the owner Zhao. 1. All projects are carried out in stages, and the amount is confirmed by Chen and Zhao before construction. 2. Zhao can terminate the agreement at any time and find another person. In order to gain Zhao's trust, Chen offered a low price for the demolition and building of walls, water and electricity layout, muddy water and other parts, and finally won Zhao's consent at a loss of 2000 yuan. The woodwork, paint, together with lighting, curtains and so on, entered into a separate contract, which was entrusted by Zhao to purchase and settled according to the actual purchase amount plus 15000 yuan of wages and 3000 yuan of project management fee

35. Lianlianji

in order to obtain the home decoration business of the owner Lin, Mr. Huang always takes pains to discuss with him, and has done a lot of work on the issues that Mr. Lin is concerned about. In terms of price, it also needs a lot of bitterness, and he deliberately wants to make mistakes, so that Lin can learn about the price from a number of prestigious decoration companies. After signing the complete contract, Huang changed his boasting personality in the past, completely denied his past design, and suggested that Lin implement the new plan, so the decoration cost rose all the way, and finally let Lin buy the order at a price of nearly 40000 yuan higher than the original quotation

36. Go ahead

decorator Zheng contracted the decoration of the two bedroom small suite of the owner Huang in the form of labor and materials. As the decoration budget of Mr. Huang is less than 60000 yuan, the materials used are basically not designated, but are arranged by Mr. Zheng. However, the contract stipulates that Mr. Zheng must use environmental protection materials and undertake a three-year retention period. After the decoration, Mr. Huang moved in without acceptance for various reasons, but less than half a year, the furniture turned yellow, the paint fell off, and the tiles were hollowed out and half cracked. Mr. Huang urgently called Mr. Zheng to come over for maintenance. For the first time, Mr. Zheng promised, but after three days, there was no sign of him. Mr. Zheng dialed his mobile phone again, but the phone you dialed had stopped working. Mr. Zheng rushed to his residence, but was told that Mr. Huang had just quit his lease yesterday





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