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The coating can fall off only when the coating quality meets the requirements of the national standard

> in Ningbo on January 21, 2011, but the coating can fall off only when the coating quality meets the requirements of the national standard

>, Who should bear such economic losses

creditors encounter "anti debt collection"

"a mere 180000 yuan of paint payment, which has been delayed for nearly a year!" A furniture factory in Hangzhou finally lost patience. In July 2010, the furniture factory sued a Cixi electric appliance company to Cixi court and asked the company to pay the loan of 180000 yuan

to the surprise of the furniture factory, the plaintiff became the defendant in just a few days

after receiving the subpoena, the electrical appliance company quickly counterclaimed to the court against the furniture factory, claiming that the quality of the paint purchased from the factory was unstable, and asked the factory to compensate 400000 yuan for the economic loss caused thereby and pay 30000 yuan as liquidated damages

"universal" coating encountered "Waterloo"

originally, as early as 2008, the salesman of the furniture factory came to the electrical appliance company to promote powder coating and boasted that this coating not only has strong applicability, but also saves material and labor, but also improves the overall quality of electrical products

the employees of the electric appliance company were half convinced and decided to try it first to see if it could replace the liquid paint used before. After the trial, no problems were found. Therefore, the electric appliance company used the coating in the production of ovens for batch use, and the products were exported to Brazil and other countries

since then, the two sides have maintained a good cooperative relationship. But by the end of 2009, the problem appeared. When the oven of the electric appliance company is exposed to high temperature, the coating will naturally loosen and peel. Foreign customers have received many consumer complaints, and electrical appliance companies have also been asked to return goods and claim compensation. Therefore, the electrical appliance company believes that the unstable quality of powder coatings promoted by furniture factories has caused the loss of the company

is coating falling off accidental or inevitable

however, the furniture factory insists that there is no quality problem with powder coating. Many domestic enterprises are using it, and the coating has never fallen off! That is, the standard tensile sample is in the tensile state

the case falls into the adhesive state. Is the coating falling off accidental or inevitable

Cixi court specially entrusts the appraisal organ to appraise the quality of the coating in order to solve the quality dispute. The results show that the results of all testing items of the coating meet the relevant national standards, but this kind of coating is not suitable for spraying the oven shell products

there is no problem with the product itself. It is the wrong place used by the demander. Accordingly, the furniture factory made it clear that it was unwilling to compensate the electrical appliance company for any losses and insisted that the electrical appliance company should pay the arrears immediately. The electrical appliance company believes that it is precisely because the salesman said that the coating is applicable to its products and misleads itself that the company will use it in batches, and the furniture factory has a certain responsibility for this

Whoever uses it wrong is responsible

the two sides are in a stalemate. A few days ago, Cixi court held during mediation that the coating quality of the furniture factory meets the quality standards agreed upon by both parties during the transaction. Although the coating is actually not applicable to the products of the electrical appliance company, the electrical appliance company should bear the losses caused by mass production only after the electrical appliance company inspected the coating

after the mediation of the judge, the two sides reached a mediation agreement. Considering the large losses of the electrical appliance company, the furniture factory agreed that the amount owed by the electrical appliance company would be reduced, which would easily lead to the damage of the small piston and oil leakage of 20000 yuan, and the remaining 160000 yuan could be paid in two installments

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