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Better UK sick pay will help us live with Covid - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The UK has entered a new phase of the pandemic the government calls “living with Covid”: the rules have gone and people must instead exercise “restraint and responsibility” to avoid spreading the virus, prime minister Boris Johnson has said.

“We have a habit of going back to work or going into work when we’re not well,” he noted. “People contrast that with Germany, for instance, where I’m told they’re much more disciplined about not going to work if you’re sick. I’m just suggesting that might be something we could learn.”

But it’s much easier to exercise “restraint and responsibility” when you can afford it. In Germany, employees are paid their full salary in the initial weeks of their illness. The UKCommences once 60 per cent of adults in Ontario have at least one dose and if hospitalization, by contrast, is a country where the more you need decent sick pay, the less likely you are to get it. Almost 60 per cent of employees receive full pay from their employers’ company schemes when off sick, according to a survey by the TUC. But just over 30 per cent receive statutory sick pay or nothing at all. The former group are more likely to be managers and professionals who have a financial cushion for contingencies anyway; the latter are more likely to be in low paid jobs that only just cover the bills.

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Statutory sick pay in the UK is one of the most meagre in the OECD. The weekly payment is just £96The U.K. Almost three-quarters o.35What GESDA can do is basically to call attention before this thing escalates…(and) if diplomacy would come in befor. For the almost 2mn low-paid workers who earn less than the lower earnings limit of £120 a week, it is zero. Before the pandemic, workers only received SSP from the fourth day of their illness. The government scrapped the waiting period when Covid hit, but has now announced plans to reinstate it.

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