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Guangdong industrial robot teaching wholesale manufacturer

Guangdong industrial robot teaching wholesale manufacturer

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Guangdong industrial robot teaching wholesale manufacturer

today, I want to share a 3D visual welding robot, which mainly carries out welding operations based on visual positioning technology. According to the on-site staff, the working efficiency of this machine can completely replace the effect achieved by welding workers working at the same time. It is fast and more accurate. Fly ash is currently mainly used in light-weight high-strength insulation materials, high-grade cement, roads, building foundation compaction admixtures and other high-quality materials in the building materials industry. The machine can work 24 hours, which will save manpower, material resources and funds relatively. Guangdong industrial robot teaching wholesale manufacturer

robots are widely used in the loading and unloading of machine tools, automatic production lines of stamping machines, storage and transportation of raw materials, automatic assembly lines, stacking and handling and other scenes. Some developed countries have formulated the maximum limit of manual handling, and those exceeding the limit must be completed by the handling robot. Finally, a series of advantages of traditional manual handling and handling robots are listed and briefly described. The introduction and handling robot has the following benefits and advantages: improve the operation efficiency by 70%: "goods to people" is the core equipment, which is composed of robot manipulator, controller, end effector and sensor system

the price of this 3D visual welding workstation is more than 1 million yuan. Without food and accommodation, insurance and year-end bonus, the labor cost of 3-4 welders is 15000 yuan based on a monthly salary of 5000 yuan, and there are many-20000 yuan/month for star models that actually use this process. In other words, this robot can recover the cost as long as it is put into use for about 4 years at most, and the service life of the robot is at least 10 years. Sensing systems, such as laser or camera sensors and their control devices. At present, welding robots have been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, such as the welding of automobile chassis, seat frame, guide rail after Pb point, muffler and hydraulic torque converter, especially in the welding production of automobile chassis. Toyota has decided to take spot welding as the standard to equip all its spot welding robots in Japan and abroad. This technology can improve the welding quality, so we even try to use it to replace some operations, and it can effectively load most of the loads. But in some specific applications, I believe you can understand this account

due to its strong productivity and ultra-high cost performance, it has been widely used in boiler, rail transit and other industries, replacing the traditional welder operation mode. Guangdong industrial robot teaching wholesale manufacturer

with the development of intelligence, a large number of robots have appeared in the manufacturing industry to replace artificial robots

in the future, with the advent of the robot era, will robots completely replace labor, causing turbulence in various industries and making more and more workers unemployed

as far as the welding and cutting industry is concerned, the career prospect of welders seems to be uncertain. What will the future development trend look like? Will this profession die out in succession? According to the disassembly instruction sent by the upper computer, the manipulator splits the tangram on the tray and places it on the conveyor belt of the conveyor table in turn. For each one placed here, the placement position sensor receives the signal, and the stepping motor moves forward for a fixed distance until the tangram is completely disassembled, and the action is stopped for standby. Then, according to the combination instructions sent by the upper computer, the tangram on the conveyor belt is placed on the combination table according to the pre-set graphics of the upper computer. Here, the industrial robot for automatic handling is taken from the conveyor table. Handling operation refers to holding the workpiece with a kind of equipment,

most of the pipeline girth welding is carried out on site. Usually, the working environment is poor, the labor intensity is high, and the technical requirements for welders are high. Due to the difficult welding work and the aging population, there are insufficient senior technicians at home and abroad

on-site construction pipeline welding machine is quite popular in the overseas market. The application of on-site construction pipeline welding robot can well improve these problems. It can not only be used in a variety of welding technologies, but also can be produced rapidly in batch, which can make up for the shortcomings of welder training and low welding quality. Guangdong industrial robot teaching wholesale manufacturer

advantages of automatic welding robot compared with manual welding

using robot welding has the following advantages:

1 Spot welding: when using welding robot in spot welding, it can save 15% of the consumption compared with human manual welding; Mode, warehouse personnel do not need to walk and wait. Shorten the order time, and perform the order in real time, without the delay caused by centralized processing in large quantities. Reduce labor by more than 60%: greatly reduce labor in picking, replenishment and other aspects, and realize the fixed investment in the annual return period. The investment is far lower than other automation schemes, and there is no need for expensive equipment such as automatic tracks. High flexibility and convenient to add new products: there is no need to specify the location of goods. Adding new products or demand changes can dynamically optimize the manufacturing industry of electrical appliances. Assembly robots are mainly used in the manufacture of various electrical appliances (including household electricity

2. Continuous connection: when using welding robot for continuous connection, it saves 30% of the consumption compared with human manual welding; the efficiency is about 3 times that of manual welding;

3. Using robot welding, it has the advantage of process quality control. Manual welding has greater randomness, can not really realize standardized and consistent welding, and the welding effect fluctuates greatly. Robot welding process: wire feeding, pre heating, air supply in advance, air supply behind, welding The parameters of current and each work step are controlled by program intelligence, so that the process can be controlled completely, so as to ensure the welding quality, and there will be no pores and welding defects; Guangdong industrial robot teaching wholesale manufacturer

robot welding

4 Intelligent

on the basis of saving labor costs and improving welding efficiency, the welding robot can be matched with the welding robot expert database and intelligent control system. It can automatically adjust the welding current and welding gun posture in real time according to the weld pool state, groove shape and gas flow during welding, and multiple sets of welding expert databases are built in

5. The automatic welding robot only needs to be taken and replaced manually, without training, and can work directly. Through the programming of workvisual control software, the movement control and trajectory planning of handling are realized. The final handling effect is only one of the seven preset patterns. The former is the state before the handling operation, and the latter is the state after the handling is completed. Conclusion nowadays, more and more robots based on vision applications have entered the production work, and the vision based handling robot is one of the main research directions of vision applications. This paper studies the heavy physical labor of human beings based on monocular camera. At present, more than 100000 handling robots are used in the world, which are widely

6 Robot welding has no working mood, fatigue, curve probability of efficiency and quality, gap between novice and skilled (manual); Soldering robot welding products have stable quality, stable efficiency, no emotion and sustainable work

7. Manual welding is used, which is obvious in the off-season and peak season. The quality of goods is unstable when orders are long, and people can't be recruited in busy hours and can't afford to support people in idle hours; The welding robot can work 24 hours without fatigue, and does not waste human resources even in the off-season. Guangdong industrial robot teaching wholesale manufacturer

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