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The industrial robot industry has restarted its high growth, which is expected to continue next year

since May this year, the company's orders have increased significantly. From the perspective of the whole industry, the order volume is rising. The head of an industrial robot enterprise in Jiangsu told the financial associated press

under the epidemic, the domestic industrial robot industry has come out of the trough in 2019 and restarted the high growth mode. According to the statistics of industrial robots released by the National Bureau of statistics in September 2020, the output of industrial robots from industrial enterprises above Designated Size nationwide in September was 23194 sets, an increase of 51.4% year-on-year

the associated press of Finance learned from various interviews that the sales of industrial robots are expected to maintain rapid growth in the fourth quarter and next year. In the long run, the industry has huge imagination in the Chinese market

industrial robot companies are saturated with orders

this year, the orders of industrial robots have increased significantly in photovoltaic, metal processing, 3C, 5g and other related fields. In an interview with the financial associated press on the afternoon of October 26, the relevant person in charge of the Securities Department of Easton, the leader of industrial robots, said that the current increase in demand mainly comes from the domestic market

the company's orders and production lines are currently relatively saturated. The representative of tostar securities affairs, a robot enterprise in Guangdong industry that cannot be used to test the tensile properties of rubber, told the financial associated press

while domestic sales are growing, overseas sales are also growing, and the demand is mainly from Southeast Asia and India. The relevant person in charge of the Securities Department of quick Co., Ltd. said

the implementation opinions on supporting private enterprises to accelerate reform, development, transformation and upgrading issued by six ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission recently pointed out that robots and intelligent equipment should be expanded in the fields of medical treatment, helping the elderly and the disabled, rehabilitation, distribution, civil explosion, dangerous chemicals, coal mines, non coal mines, fire protection, etc., and the implementation of mechanized replacement and automatic personnel reduction actions in high-risk industries should be accelerated. This news makes industrial robots in the secondary market once again become the focus. On October 26, the robot index was on the wind board, with an increase of 2.14% that day

judging from the overall trend of this year, the A-share industrial robot sector is also strong. According to wind data, there are 14 Listed Companies in the industrial robots and industrial control systems sector. As of the closing on October 26, the arithmetic average share price of these 14 companies has increased by 39.41% since January 1 this year. Among them, a number of leading companies rose by more than 50%, with esston up 96.09%, huachangda () up 78.79%, and tostar up 56.06%

the relevant person in charge of eston Securities Department told the associated press that the government has attached great importance to the development of intelligent manufacturing core components, robots and intelligent manufacturing, both in terms of macro policies and industrial policies. The disappearance of the demographic dividend and the replacement of machines are the trend of the market, which will continue to benefit the development of the industry

it is expected to continue to grow in the fourth quarter and next year

Putin of China's industrial robot industry has called Erdogan. After experiencing the severe winter of 2019, it has gradually warmed up since February this year. The output growth rate in April hit a new high in recent two years, and has now entered a period of accelerated growth. Under the epidemic, the performance of industrial robot enterprises rose against the trend

according to the data, the robot ontology and intelligent manufacturing business of Easton increased 156.32% year-on-year in the first half of the year, and the business proportion has accounted for 70.50% of the company's overall business revenue

the net profit attributable to parent company of tostar in the first half of the year was 400 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 366.04%, which was far higher than the net profit attributable to parent company of last year

What are the differences between domestic testing machines and imported testing machines under Wanxun automatic control on October 26? The third quarterly report released this afternoon showed that the net profit attributable to the parent company in the third quarter increased by 38.07% year-on-year

many analysts believe that in the short term, the recovery trend of demand for automation equipment will continue until at least the first quarter of 2021. In the long run, under the general trend of machine replacement in many application fields, the domestic replacement space in the industrial robot industry is huge, and the market will show a periodicity of 3-4 years

it is worth mentioning that the core technologies such as controller, servo system and precision reducer have always been the focus of structural adjustment achieved by domestic industrial robot enterprises in recent years. Some listed companies have made breakthroughs, and new R & D achievements have gradually entered the market

eston's R & D investment has accounted for about 10% of its sales revenue for many years. The company continues to develop core automation components and motion control systems. The new generation of Pronet summary series drivers and em3a series motors have greatly improved product performance and ease of use, and have been successfully applied in 3C electronics, lithium batteries and other fields

tostar has mastered the underlying technology of core components such as controller, servo system and machine vision through independent research and development. This year, it launched tostar r-a six axis industrial robot, which is suitable for installation in dense operation areas and closed narrow spaces, and can calmly deal with multi station operations in 3C field

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