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Industrial robots help intelligent manufacturing

we all accompany them throughout the whole process. In recent years, Hefei equipment manufacturing has been upgraded to the field of high-end equipment. The technical level and market share of some products of construction machinery and large complete sets of equipment have leapt to the forefront in China, and accelerated the formation of new advantages in the subdivision of intelligent equipment such as CNC machine tools, robots, 3D printing, etc. Recently, Xin'an evening news came to Hefei xinyihua Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. located in Xinzhan high tech Zone to visit the manufacturing of industrial robots here

some innovative achievements have reached the international advanced level

first of all, Feixin Yihua Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. was established in July 2013, covering an area of 120 mu. It has built buildings (structures) such as pan semiconductor industrial robot assembly plant, high-end intelligent equipment assembly plant and testing center building. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and technical services of Pan semiconductor industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing equipment

the company attaches great importance to talent introduction and training and technological innovation, including the introduction of 17 foreign top technical talents in the industry, with more than 200 technicians. Every year, the company invests heavily in technology and product research and development. The clean handling robots, testing robots and other products developed by the company have broken a number of foreign technical barriers and filled the domestic gap. Up to now, the company has 66 core patents, 31 software copyrights, led the preparation of one industry standard of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and undertook and participated in five major national technology projects. It is understood that some of the innovative achievements of the company have reached the international advanced level

clean handling robot breaks foreign monopoly

after several years of development, the company's total annual output value exceeds 2billion yuan (1) appearance of tensile testing machine: wipe the guide rail, transmission parts and exposed parts of the equipment, and the market share increases year by year. Among them, it was the highest in the fourth quarter of last year. The company carried out in-depth and comprehensive market development for the flat panel display industry. After the clean handling robot products were introduced to the market, it broke the monopoly of foreign products

the relevant person in charge of Hefei xinyihua told that the company's flagship product "high generation glass substrate handling robot" won the first prize of Anhui provincial scientific and technological progress last year. At present, its market share in the domestic market segment has exceeded 70%, which has completely replaced imported products

"in addition, we have independently developed and mass produced the world's first set and first batch of generation 10.5 LCD glass substrate clean handling robots, which marks that we have surpassed foreign enterprises in this field both in technology and industrial application." As the size of the company increases, the business scope of Hefei xinyihua is also expanding. "At present, the industries we serve include flat panel display industry, integrated circuit industry, electronic appliance industry, automobile industry, medical industry, food industry, etc."

at the 2019 world manufacturing conference, you can also see the latest robot of Hefei xinyihua Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd

"our exhibits are mainly 10.5 generation LCD glass substrate clean handling robots. Because this product is too large and needs to operate in a clean environment, we are exhibiting in the form of 3D imaging holographic projection." In addition, Hefei xinyihua also exhibited six axis multi joint robots, "these robots are designed for precision electronics and intelligent manufacturing industries. Their bodies and controllers are independently developed by us, with high stability and high precision, and their technical indicators have reached the international advanced level."

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