Application of rubber powder and reclaimed rubber

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Application of waste tire rubber powder and recycled rubber products

application fields of waste tire rubber powder

items: runways, school sports fields, garden trails, bowling courts, sidewalks, composite rubber floor tiles, anti-static floor tiles, artificial lawns, playgrounds, artificial grass football fields, kindergarten Sports fields and amusement fields, balls and basketball courts

items: rubber floor tiles, plastic runways, lawn quartz sand, cottonseed hull particle meal, courses, volleyball courts, golf courses, aircraft courses, basketball courts and leisure and entertainment venues, EPDM safety mats, gym mats, and all kinds of course mats

30 mesh: the insulating rubber material is equipped with left and right frames, waterproof materials, shockproof, gaskets, waterproof coiled materials for roofs and walls, modified asphalt additives, recycled rubber, livestock grass mats, mudguards, multi-function mats, and stable mats

40 mesh: recycled rubber, waterproof coiled materials, modified asphalt additives, carpet liners, sleepers, rubber plates, livestock straw mats, rubber Waterstops, gate Waterstops, bearings, sealing strips, buffers, brake linings, exhaust universal testing machine. The main machine adopts the double lead screw middle beam transmission mechanism, and the hydraulic cylinder is equipped with water pipes, gloves, rubber bands, elastic bands, roof signs, brick top liners, sanitary pumps, corner glue, wheel locators Rubber products such as sand pump rubber pad, fender, multi-function pad, stable pad, flame retardant material, sound insulation material, rubber and plastic rubber sole, window sealant strip and agricultural rubber (milk) products

60 mesh: sleepers, rubber sheets, waterproof coiled materials, recycled rubber, tire inner pads, automobile body bottom seals, waterproof rings, rubber miscellaneous instrument structural compact parts, and rubber products made by replacing the original rubber

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80 items: modified asphalt additives, reclaimed rubber, waterproof coiled materials, large and small tire additives, sleepers, deceleration road arches, sealing strips, buffers, styrofoam, pearl cotton pads, rubber pistons, brake linings and other rubber products

100 mesh: Automotive bias tire auxiliary materials, special fillers for shoe making, sports equipment tires

120 mesh: thermal insulation materials, plastic pipe additives, automotive bias tire auxiliary materials, automotive retreading pads, special fillers for shoe making, chemical sealants, various rubber permeability agents

200 mesh: building materials and coatings, automobile tires, making various rubber products instead of raw rubber

application of reclaimed rubber products

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