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Industrial robots should help to change the inherent system on a large scale.

society is constantly progressing, whether in daily life or in the field of industrial production. New technology is widely used in production and life, and the existing technology system is also increasingly improved. Industrial robots are an important part of modern automatic production. Some people say that the application of industrial robots in production has nothing to do with us? Yes, of course, it represents the advanced productive forces and the progress of our society

Marx said that science and technology is the primary productive force, which is not at all out of date now. We all know that the change of industrial production mode is accompanied by the continuous progress of modern society around the world. Every scientific and technological revolution has a huge impact on the existing production system. Our industrial production has gone through two industrial revolutions before. The first industrial revolution is that we have entered the steam era, and the second is represented by electrical. In particular, the second industrial revolution has almost completely changed our production and lifestyle. At this stage, all industrial products are based on the core of power application, including the current industrial automation production

since the world's first practical industrial robot was put into operation in the 1970s, the family system of industrial robots has been greatly expanded after decades of development. At present, there are robot products with three degrees of freedom or less for relatively simple production lines, and robot products with more than five degrees of freedom for complex production lines such as automated automobile lines. Industrial robots are taking advantage of the inherent advantages of large-scale automated production to constantly improve themselves and liberate more productivity. Although this may cause a small-scale blue collar unemployment crisis under the situation that the deep impact of the economic crisis has not been completely over, it is an indisputable fact in the industry to use robots to replace human production

then some people will say that material performance, in addition to driving automatic production, what will industrial robots bring? I would say that the large-scale application of industrial robots not only brings about production changes, but also promotes social life changes, and the pace of social progress will be greater and greater

in fact, on the contrary, the large-scale application of industrial robots will more reflect a symbol, an era in which social life changes from traditional human to automation. Every industrial revolution will liberate a large number of productive labor. Although it may cause a short-term unemployment crisis in history, we are not just industrial progress. As mentioned above, our society has been progressing without pause. Every release of labor in industry will enrich the labor foundation in other fields, such as infrastructure construction

at present, in terms of modern technical conditions, industrial robots can not replace our work in a very large range, but have obvious advantages in some specific fields such as automobiles and precision machining, which can well replace manual work. In addition, modern robot technology is not applicable in those fields such as construction industry, power supply clothing industry on the governor, etc. it may be realized after a long period of development, but it is not now. At least, industrial control (Baizhan) believes that there is still a long way to go in technology

therefore, it is believed that industrial robots not only change the industrial production mode and bring about production changes, but also cause a series of chain reactions to promote social progress. This process will last for a long time. It is gradually changing some inherent systems in the world since the industrial revolution

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