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In the middle of the driveway stood a b-pole, which was finally pulled out after Jinan citizens reported.

on the morning of the 7th, a citizen disclosed to the public that when he drove to the intersection of Zhangshang 12345 East Road and jiangshuiquan West Road in Jinan, the Second Ring Road, he encountered a "roadblock", "he was driving to turn left, but this situation suddenly appeared in front of him! Fortunately, he didn't hit it during the day." AI Jinan noticed that this cement pole, which played the role of "roadblock", quickly became "red", attracting friends' ridicule and roast

this afternoon, AI Jinan found at the scene that the "roadblock" cement pole that almost caused the accident was still standing in the middle of the road at the north entrance of jiangshuiquan West Road, surrounded by roadblocks and warning signs, and passing vehicles deliberately avoided this lane. A construction worker at the site is checking the cable situation. He told that the cable and cement pole here are jointly owned by four communication companies. So far, no person in charge of any company has come forward to solve the matter. "The demolition work is very simple. Not far to the south, the cement poles in the original road have been removed by us during the road renovation. But the cement poles on both sides here have been aged. If the cement poles in the middle are directly removed, the cable falling will affect the travel of vehicles." The construction personnel said that at present, only 2 The cables on both sides of the road of the deceleration mechanism composed of synchronous toothed belt and precision ball screw pair are reinforced, and then the demolition of the road blocking cement rod is started

at about 3 p.m., the head of the comprehensive section of Lixia District Municipal Administration Bureau responded to AI Jinan palm 12345. Jiangshuiquan West Road was redrawn just yesterday after the road renovation. "After preliminary investigation, it is found that the cross route pole here is a weak cable, and the property right belongs to the four weak current units of radio and television, China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom. While repairing the road, we have cooperated with the pipeline laying work of 'power down to the ground' reconstruction, but we have no right to deal with it directly." The person in charge said that at present, the protection work has been carried out on the cement pole blocking the road in jiangshuiquan West Road, and communication is being made with four companies that have better lightweight and free design performance, "strive to solve this problem tonight."

at 6:38 p.m., the "roadblock" is gone! The cement pole has been pulled out and will be transported away in sections

hit the scene directly:

6:55, the north entrance of jiangshuiquan West Road was completely unblocked, and the problem of road blocking with cement poles complained by citizens at 12345 on their palms has been solved. Next, Lixia District Municipal Administration Bureau will carry out the "power off and household entry" project on the cables on both sides of the road to improve the surrounding environment and ensure the safety of citizens

6:45, there is only the final finishing work of the demolition project, and the municipal staff are cleaning the site

6:30, the demolition work officially began

6:18, the on-site construction personnel are binding the cement column

how to keep the sample at the bottom of the instrument in the afternoon is important. At about 6 o'clock, the construction personnel of Lixia District Municipal Administration Bureau are preparing to remove the "red" road blocking cement pole at the North entrance of jiangshuiquan West Road, and this "one day red" is about to be removed

according to the on-site construction personnel, the cable has been fixed and erected with steel wire, and the demolition work will be carried out under the condition of ensuring the smoothness of the road

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