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How about Fangtai emd20t? Real experience for a period of time evaluation evaluation

fontai emd20t range hood is a new range hood launched by fontai in the second half of 2019. It adopts European style hand feeling intelligent control. Later, this fontai emd20t range hood was planted on the grass. I came to it digital shopping guide to release and use it for a period of time. My feeling: the range hood is very sensitive to waving, and the smoke is fast and clean. It's so convenient to drive it with your hand for a while. The oil and salt absorb light! The effect of smoking is really great. When cooking, there is no smoke, only the smell of the food. Watching the smoke be sucked away is much better than the range hood at home. I believe that the brand of fotai

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pictures of Fangtai emd20t range hood provided by it digital shopping guide

I. price quotation of Fangtai emd20t range hood:

tmall price: ¥ 3499.00 (over 1000 yuan minus 300 yuan)

tmall activity quotation link should be based on steel thickness:

Fangtai also invites users to understand emd20t range hood carefully (original it digital Shopping Guide)

II Fangtai emd20t range hood configuration parameters:

Fangtai range hood gas stove model: cxw-200-emd20t

Fangtai emd20t range hood

III. Fangtai emd20t range hood other user comments:

it digital shopping guide user evaluation: the new range hood is good. The previous Putian range hood has been used for 16 years. Today, I retired with honor. When I removed, I learned that the old range hood is heavier than the new one, and the stainless steel plate is thicker. Only with the progress of science and technology, the new range hood is better in function and motor. I just don't know if I can spend another 16 years. In addition, the installer is still very professional and dedicated. He just charged 140 yuan for the fire damper. I feel a little too much. Everything else is good

fontai emd20t range hood

the newly bought range hood has a high-end appearance, appropriate size, practical waving sense, strong smoke exhaust and no smoke. The master installed it too carefully, carefully explained practical skills, and the customer service is enthusiastic. I will choose fontai next time

Fangtai emd20t range hood

the range hood at home takes a long time and has little effect. When it comes to cooking, the family is full of range hood. After looking at several brands, I chose Fangtai. As expected, I didn't lose hope. The little brother installed was also very good, the service was very considerate, and there was no extra charge. He also helped us clean the kitchen, which was very good. The effect of the product is also very good. When cooking, the kitchen door is not closed, and there is no lampblack in the living room. The lampblack machine has a strong wind force, which can also be intelligently adjusted. The graphene sheets produced by this method are not single-layer and small, and the wave sensing is also very sensitive. It digital shopping guide users feel that this function is really convenient. The 4.5kw gas stove is also very powerful, and the cooking is very fast, especially suitable for us to like stir frying. In general, I'm very satisfied with the range hood and gas stove, and I'm highly praised

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