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Thoughts after the 2005ps edition industry annual meeting

the 2005 National PS edition industry working conference was held in Haikou from October 20 to 22. This conference can be described as popular, rich in content, enthusiastic in speeches and obvious in effect. The main contents of the conference include: summary of the development of PS version and CTP version in 2004; Promote the improvement of the quality of PS version base and PS version; Introduce the general situation of pollution prevention development of domestic and foreign printing industry in 2004; And the impact of raw materials on the printing plate market worldwide. In the group discussion, the delegates expressed their concern about the highly competitive PS plate market and their strong interest in the development of CTP plates. Most PS plate manufacturers are interested in making their enterprises bigger and stronger. It can be seen that this industry is booming. As an old PS version worker, the author has the following two views for reference in the industry

I. the supply of PS version exceeds the demand

2004 is a year of great development of the PS version industry in China, and it is also a year of uneven development. Some factories operate at almost full capacity, but supply still exceeds demand, and even have to go to other factories to process products; Some manufacturers are restricted by various factors, resulting in insufficient operation and certain difficulties. On the whole, the production capacity of equipment generally increased rapidly in 2005, while the actual output increased slowly under the influence of the sales market, and the utilization rate of equipment decreased. In 2004, the equipment capacity was 19000 m2, while the actual production capacity was only 12292 m2. If the market demand space allows, there is a potential of more than 6000m2

for the PS version market, the top priority is to give full play to the potential of existing equipment. Idling equipment is a great waste. The new production line must have a high scientific and technological content. At present, we should especially consider the production investment of CTP plates, and pay attention to the development of mainstream CTP plate technology and the matching of CTP equipment. Looking forward to the needs of the market and investing in the development of the market can win users and the market. Therefore, investigation and research are very necessary

II. The price of raw materials continues to rise

at present, another difficult problem encountered by the plate industry is the creep deformation measurement system of electronic high-temperature creep endurance testing machine: the problem is that the price of various raw materials continues to rise. According to the data released by the market, the price of aluminum, as the main raw material of the plate, increased by 32% along the direction of the force on the specimen on the chamfered side of the clamping block on the London Metal Exchange from January 2002 to August 2005

other raw materials, such as chemical materials, power fuels, packaging materials, have also increased to a certain extent. The rise of raw materials is bound to bring greater pressure to the plate industry. At present, the plate product prices of some enterprises in the market do not rise but fall, which is an abnormal phenomenon. Therefore, as an industry association, we hope to guide the concept of competition to quality, brand and after-sales service. Only in this way can we maintain the lasting and stable market of enterprises

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