Come on, the hottest paint sprayer, go all out for

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Paint guys, come on! Go all out for the 45th world skills competition

painters, come on! Go all out for the 45th world skills competition

From August 22 to 27, 2019, the 45th world skills competition will be held in Kazan, Russia. 1355 athletes from 69 member countries and regions of the world skills organization will compete in 56 events in six categories. The Chinese delegation of this competition is composed of 210 contestants, experts, translators and staff. Among the 63 contestants, 54 are male and 9 are female. They will participate in all 56 events. The Chinese technical support team, consisting of 77 coaches, and staff, will provide technical support, logistical support and publicity services during the competition

1 world skill competition - automobile painting project Hu bin from Hangzhou technician college will participate in the automobile painting project of this skill competition on behalf of China. His coach is teacher Liang Silong from Hangzhou technician college

the automobile painting project competition of the world skills competition consists of 6 modules, including three processes: spot repair of painted fender, spraying of vehicle shelter and plastic parts, standard spraying inside and outside the door, wet touch wet spraying of fender, color matching and door pattern painting. The competition schedule is 4 days, and the cumulative competition time is 20 hours

in the last competition, the maximum allowable error of paint thickness was 0.01 mm, which required the contestants to accurately adjust the distance between the spray gun and the door panel, and feel and record the strength of painting with both hands. "This competition may also further improve the difficulty of the competition, increase the uncertainty of the scene, and test the players' adaptability and psychological quality." After nearly two years of high-intensity training, Hu Bin said that he had achieved nearly 30% improvement in stability, accuracy and proficiency, and expected to show his strength in the competition

it is worth mentioning that automobile painting is the dominant major of Hangzhou technician college. At the 43rd and 44th world skills competitions, the school's contestants Yang Jinlong and Jiang Yingcheng won the champion of the project respectively, which not only achieved the breakthrough of "zero" gold medal in the competition in Hangzhou, but also achieved the first consecutive gold medal of the project in the history of the competition

Mr. Zhang Xiaopeng of Pompeii jet paint trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will continue to serve as the leader of the expert group of the automobile repair and painting project, responsible for the technical guidance of the project

2 World Skills Competition - painting and decoration project Li Jun from Huangshan University will represent China in the painting and decoration project of this world skills competition. The coach is Liu Yuanyuan from Huangshan University

paint and decoration project is a competition project to protect and decorate buildings and objects by painting on the internal and external walls and objects of buildings through paint construction technology and embellishing with fonts and patterns. The competition requires the contestants to be responsible for the protection of the internal and external walls and objects of the building, as well as the work of aesthetics, waterproof, rust prevention, berry fungus prevention and insect damage prevention. Contestants need to professionally interpret customer needs and drawings and make suggestions on design, materials and colors. In the competition, the contestants need to correctly understand the design drawings, and be able to skillfully remove the wallpaper, color block painting, free creativity, font printing, decorative painting, painting, auxiliary paint, decorative line paint, wall decoration, etc

as Chen Shangyong, the referee/head coach of the 45th world skills competition in China, the leader of the Chinese technical guidance expert group of automobile painting project and professor of Anhui Huangshan Academy of art, said, "this competition requires students not only to have the design and production skills of architecture, internal and external decoration, but also to have aesthetic ability and art foundation."

this entry into the 45th world class 1 speed regulation range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed or if there is low speed, there will be no high-speed skills competition. It is the fifth time for China to participate in the group competition, and it is also the time for China to participate in the world skills competition with the largest number of participants and the most competitive projects. In 2014, China exported more than 93.78 million tons of steel. In the preliminary preparation process, leaders at all levels attached great importance to and gave full support. All technical expert teams cooperated closely and worked together. All contestants trained hard, and all participating projects carried out scientific training and extensive international exchanges, which laid a good foundation for participation. It is understood that the competition of this world skills competition will be more intense, the technical rules will change greatly, and some projects lack competition experience, which will increase the difficulty and uncertainty of the competition. It is hoped that the contestants of the Chinese team will strengthen their confidence, concentrate, calmly fight, and achieve better results with works or services of better quality, higher accuracy, and more compliance with specifications. I wish all excellent national team members to make full preparations, improve their skills, break through themselves and climb the peak

WorldSkills competition (WSC) is a vocational skills competition with the highest status, the largest scale and the greatest influence in the world. It is known as "World Skills Olympics". Its competitive level represents the world advanced level of vocational skills development, and it is an important platform for members of world skills organizations to display and exchange vocational skills. The world skills competition is held every two years by WorldSkills International (WSI), and has been successfully held for 44 times so far

the achievements of a country or region in the world skills competition represent the skill development level of the country or region to a certain extent, and reflect the economic and technological strength of the country or region to timely record its yield load. Developed countries, especially manufacturing powers, attach great importance to the world skills competition, and the competition has received strong support from the country and high attention from the people

2021, the 46th world skills competition will be held in Shanghai. It is reported that at the closing ceremony of the 45th world skills competition, a flag handover ceremony will be held to fully open the "Shanghai moment" of the world skills competition

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