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After the plastic restriction order, colorful household garbage bags appeared in the supermarket

I saw special household garbage plastic bags in the supermarket, which cost less than 10 cents each. On July 17, our newspaper Zhang Jing environmental protection received a response from an enthusiastic reader that a supermarket in Shenhe District found household garbage bags with complete specifications and colors

household garbage bags came out

on the morning of that day, I came to the supermarket mentioned by the public, which can effectively repair the harmful heavy metal ions in the soil. On the shelves in the household cleaning appliance area, there are nearly 10 kinds of household garbage bags of different brands and specifications. We can see that garbage bags have different specifications, such as 10 liters, 30 liters, 80 liters or even 120 liters. Generally, dozens of them are a bag, and the price ranges from a few yuan to more than 10 yuan, equivalent to 9 cents to 1.3 yuan per garbage bag

we can see that the design of these household garbage bags is very considerate. Like a vest, although its shape is no different from that of an ordinary convenience bag, it has two ears on the top, which can be used to tie knots and seal. In this way, when citizens go out to throw garbage, they can carry it out. And the easy to tie garbage bag comes with a short rope for binding. Different from the black and blue garbage special plastic bags seen in the past, household garbage bags now have yellow, purple, green and other colors. Some garbage bags also have lavender, orange and other types of fragrance

the public reaction is general

because the day is not a rest day, not many people visit the supermarket in the morning. After staying in the supermarket for a while, I saw a mother and daughter notice the garbage bags on the shelf, but they looked up and down for a while and walked away. I always feel that it is not cost-effective to buy garbage bags by myself. Ms. Sun told that if the plastic bags saved at home were used up, she would consider buying them

a staff member of the supermarket told that after the launch of this special garbage bag, enterprises and units buy more pieces in large quantities, and not many people use it for their own use

check whether it is ultra-thin

it was also noted at the scene that some analysis boards on the shelf will automatically appear that the texture of the sample garbage bag is very thin after unfolding. The staff of the municipal environmental protection department said that at present, Shenyang has no relevant regulatory provisions on the garbage bags sold in such supermarkets, but it does not rule out the thin thickness of individual household garbage bags

this newspaper hereby advises citizens: if you can't find a substitute for ultra-thin plastic bags, you might as well choose such garbage bags in supermarkets. In doing so, although you need to pay for it yourself, you can take practical actions to develop a good habit of domestic waste classification. In addition, when choosing such household garbage bags, you can pay attention to their thickness to avoid adding new burdens to the environment

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