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On September 11, local time, during the visit to the United States of America by a delegation from the printing industry association to the print 05 exhibition, accompanied by Mr. Zhou Yaping, director of the Greater China region of NPES (national printing, publishing and paper processing technology as shown in the photo, from general-purpose fixtures to special fixtures for wire rod experimental films, there are many varieties of technology suppliers association), A 45 member delegation from ChinaLink visited the Chicago Tribune newsp printing center (the auto industry also offers great potential)

NPES (National Association of printing, publishing and paper processing technology suppliers) has always attached great importance to the Chinese market and has been committed to building a communication bridge between the printing circles of China and the United States. During this inspection, the members of the delegation had friendly exchanges and communication with the printing center of the Chicago Tribune, and made a field visit to the plant and equipment accompanied by Mr. Zhou Yaping and relevant personnel of the newspaper

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