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Color silk overprinting of packaging containers (VI)

machine characteristics in the past decade, many container printers have madly invested in container printing machines, and they have spent tens of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars, to buy printing equipment. They saw that in previous years, due to the dependence on middlemen, packaging container printing has developed from monochrome and two-color printing to four-color and five color printing. But not all container printing machines can produce good color prints. You must see your own gap. An important aspect of color overprint is to maintain the machine well so that it can be maintained within the overprint accuracy range of ± 0.005in (see Figure 3. Drive system: the system is driven by the exchange servo governor, which is extremely electromechanical). In addition, the tools provided by the supplier should have a precision range, and appropriate tools are a crucial part of solving the problem. These two factors can ensure that you can overprint the container in color, because they control the registration accuracy. The ideal container to be printed is the outer wall with enough hardness without expansion treatment. But that is unrealistic. So we should ensure that the pressure of inflation is consistent, because too much inflation will produce the effect of printing on the balloon, and insufficient inflation is like printing on the pillow. As soon as we want to do it, we will do the service that others do not have, and the quality that others do not have. After years of efforts, machine manufacturers have developed printing systems that effectively treat the surface of the substrate. Even if the image is not accurately printed on the same point, it can still print a consistent ink layer and ensure the registration accuracy. Increasingly accurate tools are also an important factor in solving the problem. The development is not ideal. Although there are so many full-color silk printing businesses, you can't help asking yourself why the development of packaging container printing is still so slow? Packaging container printers have a posture of facing special challenges, but these challenges are invincible. Like other printing methods, control is the key factor: control is everywhere from manuscript to printing. To succeed, we need to promise, enlighten and flatter our customers. If you consider what the customers' requirements are today and how to deal with them, you have no choice but to look at your own return on investment

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