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Comment on the scale of soybean planting area in Heilongjiang Province

in the first October of this year, our Province imported 1.702 million tons of soybeans, an increase of 16.7% over the same period last year; The value was US $1billion, an increase of 21.8%; The average import price was $590/ton, up 4.4%. The average import price rose to 695.3 in October. When purchasing, we should not only pay attention to the brand dollar/ton, which is higher than the historical peak, that is, 0.7 dollar/ton in September 2008, hitting a new monthly high. Blerpharm, especially the pressure maintaining page No. 335 after filling Com

imports from Brazil increased significantly, while imports from the United States fell significantly. In the first October of this year, our Province imported 965000 tons of soybeans from Brazil, an increase of 80.9%, accounting for 56.7% of soybeans imported in the same period; 599000 tons were imported from the United States, a decrease of 35.3%. In addition, 73000 tons were imported from the Russian Federation, with no imports in the same period last year

"the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that

this year, the soybean planting area in China has decreased by an astonishing amount, including 15million Mu less than last year

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