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The combined application of honeycomb paperboard and other packaging materials in Kelon cabinet machine

the products of honeycomb project achieve the goal of high efficiency, low resistance and long life. Paperboard has many advantages such as light weight, high strength and high stiffness, but compared with other environmental protection packaging materials, it also has some disadvantages, such as better cushioning performance than EPE, poor edge pressure strength, etc. If we can not only give full play to the advantages of honeycomb paperboard, but also combine the advantages of other environmental protection packaging materials, this can not only better protect products, but also expand its application fields

based on our experience in the development and application of honeycomb paperboard, we believe that the combined application of honeycomb paperboard and other packaging materials such as paper corners, paper cans, EPE, etc. is an important direction for future development. The following is an example of the application of Kelon's honeycomb paperboard, paper corner and EPE in the cabinet machine:

through the combination of the figure, the following purposes are achieved:

1. EPE solves the problem of cabinet machine base deformation caused by insufficient cushioning strength of honeycomb paperboard

2. The paper corner solves the problem of the deformation of the side plate of the cabinet machine caused by the insufficient edge pressing strength of the honeycomb paperboard

four functional film customization production lines imported from France and Japan. 3. Better overall protection performance

4. Cost analysis: with this structure, the corrugated box is changed from five layers to meet the requirements of energy conservation and consumption reduction; Different from other two board machines in China, the three-layer structure saves the paper chassis, and the overall packaging cost is low

5. It is easier to assemble in the workshop and the speed of the production line is improved

of course, the above structure also has the disadvantages of relatively difficult production by honeycomb paperboard manufacturers and relatively high transportation cost of honeycomb paperboard mats, but from the perspective of better product protection and cost reduction, the packaging method combining the above multiple materials is still very advantageous

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