Come to Qingdao Construction Expo in August to hel

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Come to Qingdao Construction Expo in August to help you do a good job in the business of 250000 buyers in one stop

come to Qingdao Construction Expo in August to help you do a good job in the business of 250000 buyers in one stop

On August 29, 2019, China (Qingdao) international architectural decoration and customized Home Expo will be grandly held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition integrates academic discussion, cultural communication, achievement exhibition, new materials and New Technologies Exhibition. The exhibition area is more than 30000 square meters, and it is expected that there will be more than 600 exhibitors. At that time, well-known design masters, architectural experts, industry mainstream media, building materials giants and other industry figures from many countries around the world will gather in Qingdao, the island city, to jointly perform an architectural design feast that cannot be missed this year. Follow the official account "Qingdao customized home exhibition" to book booths, visit and consult

15 years of exhibition experience to provide you with professional services

Jinan Construction Expo has been successfully held for 25 times, serving more than 7000 exhibitors, with rich industry service experience. In order to better help enterprises expand the market, meet the needs of customers for exhibition and procurement, realize all-round brand promotion, new product launch, resource sharing, etc., the organizers have opened joint exhibitions in Jinan and Qingdao. Jinan in spring and Qingdao in autumn have been highly praised by China wood and wood products Circulation Association, Shandong Building Materials Industry Association, Qingdao interior decoration industry association and enterprises in the industry. Qingdao exhibition is committed to creating a precise positioning A top-level event in the building decoration industry with high-end products and high-quality services

help you do a good job in the business of 250000 merchants in one stop.

the information technology exhibition and Construction Expo has been successfully held for 14 years and has a remarkable influence on the exhibition industry. The series of exhibitions have radiated all over Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Beijing and the five northwest provinces (Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang) and effectively promoted the exchanges and cooperation between exhibitors in the building materials industry in various regions

CIFIT has in-depth cooperation with nearly 500 building materials markets in 140 counties and urban areas of Shandong Province, and nearly 250000 merchants in nearly 1000 building materials markets in Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi and other places, and has hung a large number of exhibition advertisements in the leading building materials markets in various regions, making every effort to invite professional customers to the meeting

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2019 Qingdao exhibition fully combines various resources, and realizes all-round publicity coverage without dead ends through pre warming publicity with more than 200 portal stations and industry mainstream media. Through Baidu, Weibo, video app, today's headlines, Tiktok, Tencent and other media resources to accurately pay for promotion, and through, interviews, live broadcast and other channels to comprehensively and stereoscopically report the exhibition, so as to ensure the maximization of exhibitors' participation effect

a list of some cooperative media: Tencent home, Sina home, Sina Real estate, e-home, Sohu Focus home, Qingdao, Phoenix Shandong, China building materials, Huicong real estate, Huaxia home, Pacific home, sofang, Zhonghua plate, China environmental protection, China wooden door, kitchen home, so 1 it is necessary to regularly check the temperature, vibration, internal wires and other Chinese sanitary ware Cloud alliance and other

help you invite 100000 + professional buyers one-on-one

more than 100000 professional audience data, carry out "one-on-one" online invitations in the first five months, and carry out pre registration of invitation to decoration city merchants/decoration material manufacturers/industrial parks/industry associations/adjacent merchants and other units to ensure the attendance of visitors

help you visit the distribution agents and decoration companies on the spot

in order to seize the opportunity and let enterprises quickly understand the Qingdao Construction Expo, our salesmen visit the building materials market clusters on the spot, talk face to face with enterprises, and achieve one-to-one e-mail:amyxiang @ bonniechai@ accurately convey the product information of the exhibition and participating enterprises, so as to improve audience satisfaction and attendance

cooperate with business associations to help you invite buyers to purchase in batches

send notice and visit documents to relevant units and enterprises through national and local associations, local governments and other main and co organizers, introduce professional visitors to sign up for the meeting, and organize a group to visit and purchase in the form of outreach cooperation

there will be a variety of activities to create an industry design feast

during the Expo, rich and colorful activities will be held at the same time, aiming to create an international platform for designers and enterprises to integrate across regions, architectural design and art cross-cultural exchanges

list of activities in the same period:

(I) construction science and Technology Conference

at present, it is impossible to predict the strength performance of materials and components under variable load by theoretical methods. It is an industry conference gathering cutting-edge technology and new ideas in the industry

(II) the National Forum of presidents of design institutes

invites the presidents of famous design institutes and design experts to jointly discuss the current situation and future of architectural decoration and urban planning and design, covering research and practical achievements in the fields of city, architecture, landscape, interior, etc

(III) Jintang Award - Qilu designer forum

Jintang award, with the theme of "design creates value", is the most credible and influential annual selection of interior design in China. The Executive Committee of Shandong division organized more than 300 outstanding designers in the province to gather in Qingdao to show outstanding works and talk about the future

(IV) China Shishang creative design forum

with the theme of "gathering world Shishang and promoting global cooperation", the forum will conduct the most market-oriented and cutting-edge high-level exchanges on the current situation and future development of the application of stone in the field of architecture and decoration

(V) Haibo home furnishing Cup - the 16th Qingdao interior design competition in 2019

collects interior decoration design works, selects excellent works for centralized display and awards at the venue. Exclusion method: take out the plunger and polish it again. It has developed into a professional and authoritative peak event of interior decoration with high design level in Qingdao

▲ the world's top designer -- Massimo caiazzo, President of IACC International Association of color consultants, made a wonderful speech on the spot

▲ leaders of various associations and industry high-end forum

exhibit categories:

customized life (customized home, customized kitchen and bathroom, household soft decoration, customized integration, customized glass, customized machinery)

smart home (smart home decoration, smart access control, smart clothes drying, smart kitchen electricity, smart control, hardware accessories)

system doors and windows (door and window system, fireproof doors and windows, screen window system, profile accessories, door and window equipment, building structural glue)

full design (wooden doors and whole wood home decoration, whole copper home decoration and villa decoration)

2019 Qingdao Construction Expo will be held grandly from August 2 to 4, 2019, with high-end building and new upgrading. We look forward to your participation! Follow the official account "Qingdao customized home exhibition" to book booths, visit and consult

time: August 2-4, 2019

place: Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center

designated by the Organizing Committee: or manager Wang

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