Dongjunfu introduces new polypropylene nonwovens

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Shandong Junfu introduces new polypropylene nonwovens as a leading nonwovens manufacturer in China, Shandong Junfu nonwovens Co., Ltd. recently launched an innovative soft nonwovens product based on ExxonMobil Chemical weidamei propylene based elastomer. This new type of soft nonwovens is very suitable for the production of high-quality surface and backing for diapers and sanitary napkins. The key to its success lies in the use of weidamei propylene based elastomer, which makes the polypropylene nonwovens have a perfect combination of soft touch, drapability and mechanical properties

over the years, manufacturers have improved the softness by adding a smoothing agent to polypropylene spunbonded fabrics, but this solution can no longer meet the needs of customers. Staple hot air nonwovens and bicomponent nonwovens (BICO) are also available as soft solutions, but they are expensive. Therefore, manufacturers hope to find a superior but reasonable cost soft solution

luojun, deputy general manager of Shandong Junfu, said: "at first, we used soft additives to improve the softness of polypropylene spunbonded fabric, but the result was only a smooth feeling rather than a soft feeling, which could not reach the soft touch we expected. In addition, it could not meet customers' requirements for processability, drapability and snugness. Therefore, we need to find other materials to solve the problem."

the cooperation between ExxonMobil Chemical and Junfu group began in 2001. At that time, ExxonMobil Chemical provided Junfu group with ExxonMobil pp3155e3 polypropylene resin, which has excellent spinnability and quality stability. After learning that Shandong Junfu is looking for a solution to the softness problem, ExxonMobil Chemical recommended the use of weidamei propylene based elastomer, which has been proved to achieve a perfect balance between the softness, drapability and mechanical properties of polypropylene nonwovens. The softness of PP spunbonded fabric was improved by adding vdam propylene based elastomer, but the tensile strength remained almost unchanged. In addition, after mixing with ExxonMobil pp3155e3, weidamei propylene based elastomer can regenerate the waste plastics from daily life into plastic raw materials required by the enterprise through treatment in the plastic recycling granulator, which can be directly used in the existing spinning and melting equipment without increasing the additional investment of the equipment

this low component mixed application was developed and tested by ExxonMobil Chemical nonwovens experts. After the formula test including weidamei propylene based elastomer and ExxonMobil PP 3155e3 resin was completed, Junfu group named this new soft nonwovens as silksoft

on the basis of different fixtures "Compared with other solutions based on short fiber hot air nonwovens and two-component nonwovens in the market, the soft solution using weidamei propylene based elastomer has more cost competitive advantages. Due to its good tensile properties, it can also reduce the thickness of diaper surface compared with the widely used short fiber nonwovens in the market. We believe that it has great market potential." Luo Jun said

at present, Shandong Junfu is promoting silksoft nonwovens to domestic and overseas markets. "Initially, we will focus on the development of surface and backing products for the sanitary products market. But at the same time, we are also constantly developing soft nonwoven solutions for other applications, such as disposable medical products." Luo Jun said, "this non-woven pendulum impact testing machine is a kind of impact testing machine. The cloth can be recycled, with simple production process, low energy consumption and less waste."

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