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Donghui, a worker of Heli, was selected as an advanced model for the "May Day" campaign in Anhui Province. Donghui, a worker of Heli, has mastered a variety of CNC programming systems for CNC lathes and turning centers, has successively completed the processing and commissioning of more than 100 CNC equipment and the trial production of new products, and was selected as an advanced model for the "May Day" campaign in Anhui Province this year to be publicized in the mainstream media

in order to further carry forward the great character and model worker spirit of the working class, carry forward the socialist core values, create a good atmosphere of glorious labor, noble knowledge, precious talents and great achievements in the whole society, unite and mobilize the vast number of employees to make new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream, it was recommended by the Anhui Provincial Federation of trade unions, reviewed and approved by the Publicity Department of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, and the national model worker Donghui, CNC adjuster of Anhui Heli bridge box business department, was selected as an advanced model to be publicized in the mainstream media on May 1 this year in Anhui Province

on April, seven media including Anhui, Anhui TV station, Anhui Radio Station, Zhong'an, Xin'an evening news, Anhui Business Daily and market star interviewed Dong Hui and her workmates, colleagues and leaders, interviewed her main deeds, work, study and living conditions, and respectively carried out publicity and reports before May day that the travel limit switch can automatically unload after the experiment, and then play the role of limit stop


a female man who controls CNC machine tools ---- Donghui, the team leader of Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd.

(Anhui Road on April 30), is white and handsome. She is dressed in dark blue work clothes, has neat hair, and can't see the traces of time with her smiling baby face. Donghui, born in 1974, is full of vitality. This energy comes from her confident and sweet smile, excellent and superb technology and never give up persistence

diligent Donghui has mastered a variety of CNC programming systems for CNC lathes and turning centers, and has successively completed the processing and commissioning of more than 100 CNC equipment and the trial production of new products. In the first revitalization cup national youth vocational skills competition, the second and third national numerical control skills competitions, Donghui achieved good results, and successively won the honorary titles of national advanced individual for knowledge workers, national red flag bearer with high capital, provincial female model worker, provincial technical expert and provincial May 1 Labor Medal. Won the title of national model worker in 2010

a female expert who never conceded defeat and dared to challenge difficulties at 3:00 p.m. on April 28, in the roaring sound of the machine, Donghui kept her eyes on the CNC machine tools, operated smoothly and nimbly, and her every move showed her accumulated skills and proficiency

nowadays, Donghui is an expert in CNC machine tools. But 20 years ago, when she just stepped into the gate of the factory, she dared not even touch the CNC machine tool. With her tenacity of never losing before new technology, she became a top master of CNC machine tools

my colleagues say that I have a strong anti-interference ability. I am very strong in my work. Technically, I am a woman who does not admit defeat and do not bow down. Donghui said with a smile

in August, 2004, the first national numerical control skills competition was held. Through layer by layer selection, Donghui participated in the competition on behalf of Anhui forklift truck. At that time, she was living in a rented room. It was midsummer and there was no air conditioning. When reading, she put a wet towel around her neck to cool down. She spent more than two months in this way. She won the third place in the Anhui competition area. In October, she was selected as the only female player in Anhui competition area into the national finals

two years later, she participated in the second national numerical control skills competition and added a new macro program test site. In preparation, donghuihe and the contestants were required to complete the processing of three sets of workpieces within six hours. After each set of workpieces was processed, she was too tired to speak. At that time, in order to finish the task earlier, the players used arcs to replace the ellipses

should we keep practicing like this? Is the purpose of the exercise just to improve speed? Donghui took the initiative to ask the coach to process the ellipse. The coach supported her very much. Six hours passed quickly. Other players handed in their papers. She was still sweating to study this knowledge

when she persisted to the seventh hour, she finally processed the ellipse and sat down on the chair after getting off the machine tool

in the kingdom of CNC machine tools, I have great courage. Donghui said with a smile. At that time, Anhui forklift bought Okuma turning center in Japan. The Japanese manufacturer sent a technician to debug the machine tool. Donghui was arranged to follow him to help and learn. During one processing, Japanese technicians encountered a problem that the roughness of the parts could not meet the requirements of the drawing. After repeated debugging, it still failed to meet the requirements

let me try! Donghui spoke confidently and firmly to the other party in English. The other party looked at her with distrust. More than ten minutes later, Donghui adjusted the cutting parameters based on her usual accumulated machining experience, the problem was solved, and the work efficiency was also improved by 20%

it's great that you work together as employees! Japanese technicians gave a thumbs up

primary school students who never slack off and strive for opportunities by themselves

skilled workers must learn skills well. Good skills are the iron rice bowl. Donghui's parents are farmers. Since the day she entered the factory, her father has been telling her so

1994, Donghui graduated from Lu'an technical school with excellent results and was assigned to Anhui forklift No. 2 metalworking workshop to study simple CNC machine tools. At that time, there were two Shenyang 3225 CNC lathes in the workshop. Whenever she saw someone operating these two lathes, Donghui was very envious and couldn't help but run over and take a look at them

at that time, Donghui could not understand even the simplest NC instructions, let alone programming and operation. As soon as she got off work, Donghui went to the bookstore to look up books, consult her teacher, and practice her Kung Fu quietly. By chance, she found a Book of numerical control data from a young colleague. Although it had been turned to pieces, it was a treasure to her

my ideal is very simple, that is, to learn to operate CNC machine tools. When attending the class reunion to talk about the future, Donghui's ideal made the students laugh

opportunities always favor those who are prepared. In 1995, Anhui forklift purchased a batch of CNC machine tools. Donghui was full of expectation and felt that it was out of reach. One day, Donghui went to the workshop leader in a worried mood and asked if there was a chance. Opportunities are equal for everyone, as long as you work hard. Donghui will never forget this sentence

Dong Hui started as a primary school student. Later, the workshop arranged for her to practice on CNC lathes. Due to the lack of systematic training on CNC knowledge, at the beginning, she just learned how to operate machine tools. Programming and equipment adjustment depend entirely on the adjusters. One weekend, the leader sent her to work overtime. The adjusters couldn't come to the workshop. She had to be brave enough to program and debug the machine tool by herself. After more than 2 hours of debugging, she finally processed a qualified product

1998, Anhui forklift truck trade union held the first numerical control skills competition for female workers. With relatively solid theoretical knowledge and processing experience accumulated at ordinary times, Donghui won the first place. Since then, she has actively participated in all competitions and training in numerical control. Gradually, Donghui has become an expert in numerical control skills

Dong Hui has her own tricks for becoming a teacher from a primary school student. As soon as I entered the factory, my father asked me to tighten the string in my mind. Donghui remembered that she had been working in the factory for a short time. Because she was very nervous, she made an embarrassment. At that time, she was living in a dormitory. One day, half a night, at midnight, she got up from bed and hurriedly brushed her teeth and washed. She was stopped by her roommate when she was going out to work. It's all the moon. The moon is too bright. I thought it was time to go to work

this string has never slackened for 20 years

master Dong, who has never left a hand and is a good guide, has dazzling fireworks for a while, but it is very difficult to shine in her ordinary work every day. Her ordinary flash inspires me every day. Xiong Li in the team commented on Dong Hui

2000, Xiong Li was still a novice. She asked master Dong for help many times when she encountered problems. Master Dong would put aside her hands and use her rich experience to help her solve them. On the night shift one day, the parts were urgent, but there was something wrong with the workpiece fixture. When she was sweating and didn't know what to do, master Dong came to her

at that time, master Dong had already left work. When he returned home late at night, he was still worried about the factory and went back to the workshop by bike. From then on, I became a fan of her. I'm happy to be her fan. Xiong Li said

xulongrong is a young post-80s employee of the team. When she first joined the team, her technical level was not very good. She often consulted master Dong. From the details of specific operations to the skills in the production process, master Dong answered them one by one. Master Dong took the initiative to help her improve her theoretical level, and gave Xu Longrong the training questions for each competition. When encountering difficulties, he slowly told her the key points

2008, at the 9th job operation Games held by Anhui forklift, xulongrong lived up to expectations and won the first place in CNC lathe. Now, she is already a skilled teacher in the team, and has brought out several students

over the years, master Dong has unreservedly taught his competition experience and processing experience to his colleagues. Regardless of personal gains and losses, many colleagues in the class have become technical experts and technical pacesetters of young workers in Hefei under her careful teaching

when helping others, some people also said to her: if you pass on your skills to others without reservation, will you not keep your hand? Are you not afraid that others will surpass you? Donghui just smiled

when helping others, you are also improving. Donghui said. Once, several employees of the casting and forging plant went to the team of the business division to learn CNC lathes. One female employee was very diligent and inquisitive, and never missed a knowledge point. Some questions seem very simple, but master Dong doesn't find them at ordinary times. When she asks, master Dong will go to consult books, and his level has been improved. Source: Anhui Heli group

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