Dongying Petrochemical aromatics project in the ho

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The aromatics project of Dongying petrochemical in the Economic Development Zone began to be implemented. On May 7, the contract signing ceremony for the first bid section of the automatic stop project for large-scale mixed aromatics and supporting projects of Shandong Dongying United Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was held in Dongying, Shandong. The fair project, which is not only related to valve group devices, officially entered the full implementation stage. The contract value of the first section of the project is tentatively RMB 168million. It is located in Shandong Dongying Economic Development Zone. Sinopec No. 4 Construction Co., Ltd. has undertaken the construction tasks of 2.3 million T/a delayed coking unit and 30000 T/a sulfur combined unit civil engineering and installation works. The construction period is 406 days. The project will be started in the near future

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