Dongxing customs handed over more than 50 tons of

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Dongxing customs transferred more than 50 tons of foreign garbage to environmental protection enterprises

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core tips: on July 15, three trucks loaded with "foreign garbage" drove into a qualified solid waste disposal workshop of an environmental protection technology company in Nanning designated by the Environmental Protection Department of the autonomous region. Nanning customs office

, With three large trucks loaded with "foreign garbage" driving into the solid waste disposal workshop of an environmental protection technology company in Nanning designated by the environmental protection department of the autonomous region, Dongxing customs affiliated to Nanning customs has completed all the environmental protection disposal of solid waste seized at the border since 2018. Shi Yong, chief engineer of Beijing energy saving products technical service center, said that the inventory of solid waste involved in the case has been completely "cleared"

the solid waste to be disposed of this time is mainly waste leather, with a total weight of 50.52 tons. It is "foreign garbage" smuggled into China from non customs places on the border

according to relevant regulations, the customs, on the premise of fixed evidence, ordered the consignee or its owner or carrier of the goods to return the batch of solid wastes illegally entering the country; If it cannot be returned, the customs shall, in accordance with the disposal opinions put forward by the provincial environmental protection department, timely contact the units recognized by the provincial environmental protection department with the corresponding capacity for harmless disposal of solid wastes to dispose of solid wastes such as destruction, incineration and landfill

the batch of waste leather disposed on that day was the smuggled goods seized in the anti smuggling process. Because the consignee and consignor were unknown, they could not be returned. The customs contacted the environmental protection enterprise with disposal qualification to destroy them in strict accordance with the regulations, so as to ensure that the batch of solid waste involved in the case could not be returned to the market or used for other purposes

this year, the accounting machine was started again. The Customs has carried out three solid waste transfer and disposal, and transferred 107 tons of solid waste involved to environmental protection enterprises with disposal qualifications, including 6.66 tons of hazardous solid waste

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